A timeless testament to Taos talent

May 2, 2024


Howl 2024 cover, Slurpee Garden by Christine Serpentine.


The University of New Mexico-Taos (UNM-Taos) is pleased to present Howl: The Voice of UNM-Taos 2024 Art & Literary Journal. In its fourth year as a digital publication, Howl continues to use this format to uphold greater inclusion and representation of Taos creatives. The 2024 edition presents over 60 artists, writers and filmmakers, the Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media faculty, the 3D Printing Program, a collaboration between the Art and English Departments and the Historical Women of Taos mural. The vast array of contributors includes students from UNM-Taos, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the greater community of Taos. Our featured local professional artist of 2024 is Laurel Taylor, aka Wilde.Ink, an alumna of the Fine Arts program, a creative business owner and community builder.

The work in the 2024 edition of Howl encompasses a wide range of styles, techniques and mediums, each offering a unique perspective and voice. From traditional drawing, painting, sculpture, and functional ceramics to digital art, moving images, and interdisciplinary installations, this edition showcases the breadth and depth of artistic talent in Taos. This year, we also received an influx of poetry, both classical and experimental. The contributors express pride in their cultural history, addressing the sociopolitical climate and exploring personal narratives. Common themes across all disciplines include our relationships with loved ones, connection to the landscape, recovery from grief, and exploration of the body. One overarching quality of all of the work is a sense of joy, and this represents a shift from previous editions as artists grappled with life affected by the pandemic.

Historically, Taos has been propelled by a vibrant creative spirit. This publication is a testament to the enduring vitality of Taos. As you look through the pages of this book, prepare to be captivated by the remarkable skill, unwavering dedication and moving self-expression of this overwhelmingly creative community.

See the digital book online at https://simplebooklet.com/howlthevoiceofunmtaos2024.