PreK-12 Outreach

Young students visiting the Harwood Museum and the Lunder Research Center at The Couse-Sharp Historic Site

The PreK-12 program at UNM-Taos is an innovative outreach effort designed to engage not only students and their families but also the mentors an guides who play a crucial role in their academic journey. 

Here's what you can expect from our Program:

  • Empowering Student Success: Through target interventions and supportive resources, we aim to bolster student readiness for higher education and quality careers.
  • Exploring Diverse Pathways: We offer immersive experience and insightful workshops that broaden their perspectives and ignite their passion for lifelong learning, empowering them to explore diverse pathways beyond the traditional academic route. 
  • Cultivating a College-Going Culture: We champion the value of higher education and provide support every step of the way we can inspire a generation of learners who are eager to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Join us in this noble endeavor as we work to cultivate a community where education is celebrated, dreams are nurtured, and futures are transformed. 

What's Happening

Students at the Los Alamos National Labs education event


The UNM-Taos outdoor education imitative aims to support outdoor blearing to students in Taos, Questa, and Penasco, aligning with state guidelines and community assets. By collaboration with local partners, we're crating interdisciplinary outdoor experiences tailored to Northern New Mexico. Through this imitative, we seek to empower individuals and communities, preparing them for successful careers and active citizenship. Our approach blends innovation with local culture, addressing topics like climate change, history, and career exploration. This process leverages the community's assets, history and culture. The intention is to preserve, respect and build on the foundations of generations. 

Outdoor Education Resources

students and mentors in the Mija program


The Mija Program, part of the UNM-Taos PreK-12 efforts, aims to build the confidence and skills for college, expanding career and education options, and enhancing the personal development and authority of young women in the community. 

In today's complex world, young women face unprecedented challenges. We recognize the need to empower them with practical life skills, emotional resilience, and a strong sense of identity. We employ a mentoring approach where mature women, college students, and high schooners support each other. Through workshops focused on self-development, communication, and preparation for college and careers - these women network and build each other up. 

Latest Mija Information

Dark sky and stars


The observatory project, soon to be know as "Cielo Centro" or Sky Center in Spanish, is an exciting initiative at UNM-Taos aimed at enriching campus life and engaging the broader community in the wonders of the night sky.

Cielo Centro will serve as more than just a place for astronomical research; it will be a hub for education, outreach, and community engagement. From hosting hands-on experiences for students to welcoming visitors fo all ages for guided tours and events, Cielo Centro aims to foster a deeper connection with the cosmos and inspire wonder and curiosity in all who visit. 

Through this project, UNM-Taos is poised to become a beacon of astronomical exploration and education in northern New Mexico, enriching the campus experience and strengthening ties with the local community. 

Cielo Centro


Paralee King
K-12 Outreach Program Director
Phone:  575.737.3696


Paralee King
K-12 Outreach Program Director
Phone:  575.737.3696

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