K-12 Outreach


These programs range from a single event to a couple days, to 2 week camps that offer real career exploration. There are a huge variety of experiences to choose from. Find something that matches your child’s or your interest.

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Pre-college School Leaders (teachers, administrators, counselors)

We are here to collaborate with you and support your work in preparing youth for college and careers. Our services guide students to emerging, fulfilling and sustaining employment. For our participants, completing the mandated “Next Step” portfolio becomes a joyful conversation about the future.

Our team of highly trained outreach specialists, provides direct support to educators in Taos county. Our team assists to effectively build capacity for sustained change and is committed to helping local schools become exemplary. Our K-12 Outreach offers practical and policy advice to educators, legislative bodies agencies, associations and foundations.


Field Trips

With free transportation to the UNM-Taos campus there are several experiences available to students at all levels. Customized experiences are developed for educators. 

Trip Options

Summer Programs

These programs allow for more in depth exploration of topics and fields of study. They range from a couple days to two week programs that offer real career exploration. 

Program Options

School Visits

It is also possible to have our instructors visit your classroom or hold lunch hour explorations that offer a variety of career options for students.  These experiences prepare students for college. 

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Parents/Guardians of K-12 Students

You want the best for your child now and in the future. Heading a child to college and a career is a challenging endeavor. We boost your efforts with engaging, effective and enriching programs which foster future vision and ongoing motivation.


K-12 Students

It’s not a joke or a fantasy. You can get paid to do what you like to do. Spend some time with us to consider your college and career options. Prepare for your future by discovering what interests you and which careers match up with that.

Do you ever wonder why you have to go to high school? We can give you the best reasons that will– believe it or not, make you want to do well there.

It can be a little overwhelming to know what to do. Never before have there been more opportunities available to prepare for and obtain a rewarding career. Make sense of it all with us


Contact Information

Paralee King
Student Support Spec.
Email: paralee17@unm.edu
Phone: 575.737.3696