College Council

college-council-structure-_draft-oct-2022_edited.webpCollege Council is an advisory council at The University of New Mexico-Taos (UNM-Taos). The council is composed of students, faculty, staff and administrators from across the campus community. The main purpose of the College Council is to increase transparency in communication and to provide a forum for open dialogue among all members of the UNM-Taos community.

One of the key roles of the College Council is to provide support and advice to UNM-Taos Committees. These committees are responsible for making important decisions that affect the campus community, such as determining the allocation of resources and developing policies. By providing support and advice to these committees, the College Council helps to ensure that the decisions made are fair and reflect the needs and interests of all members of the campus community.

Another important role of the College Council is to advise the Chancellor of UNM-Taos. The Chancellor is the highest-ranking administrator at the university and is responsible for making strategic decisions that affect the entire campus. By providing advice to the Chancellor, the College Council helps to ensure that the needs and concerns of the campus community are taken into account when making important decisions. Ultimately, the goal of the College Council is to improve communication and decision-making across the UNM-Taos community.

How can I petition the College Council?

All UNM-Taos committees brief the College Council four times a year. Briefs consist of initiatives, requests, concerns, past accomplishments and campus feedback. As a staff or faculty member of UNM-Taos, you can petition committees with ideas, concerns and feedback. As a student, you can petition Student Government.  When completed, your response will be shared with the appropriate committee (or Student Government, if you are a UNM-Taos student). 

College Council Form (For Students, Faculty, and Staff)

UNM-Taos Committees

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Chair/Co-Chair—There are no chairs or co-chairs identified as DEI is not comprised of a hierarchical structure; members rotate as a facilitator.


Enrico Trujillo -

Alejandra Villalobos Melendez -

Will Esign-Church -

Open to all UNM-Taos Faculty and Staff

The DEI Committee meets at least once a semester and additionally when needed.

Safety Committee


Amber Gordon -

David Mansfield -

The Safety Committee meets at least once a semester and additionally when needed.

Staff Council 

Open to all UNM-Taos Faculty and Staff

The Staff Council represents the interests of all staff employees of UNM-Taos, as a voice in the governance of the University. It is an elected body of four staff members representing both job grades and work areas. All staff are encouraged to participate in Staff Council and other University governance activities, either through elected service on the Staff Council, if eligible, or through service on the University committees.

The following are specific objectives of the Staff Council. This list comes from the Staff Council Bylaws and is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Participate in the formulation of institutional long-range plans, goals and strategies.

  • Develop programs and activities promoting professional and personal growth and advancement.

  • Advise in decisions about resource allocations, salaries and benefits.

  • Represent staff in the planning of improved workplace conditions and other means of enhancing and promoting productivity.

  • Facilitate communications among staff, faculty and students.

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of the general staff welfare.

  • Provide a resource for participation in major decisions of the University as they affect University staff.

  • Maintain liaisons with officially recognized representative groups on campus.

Chair: Rose Reza (

Staff Council meets the last Wednesday of every month from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

Faculty Council 

Open to all UNM-Taos Faculty and Staff

The UNM-Taos Faculty Council is the representative body of the UNM-Taos Faculty Assembly, and the authority of the UNM-Taos Faculty Council is based on the authority granted under Section A51 Section 6 of the UNM Faculty handbook and has an accord with the UNM-Taos Advisory Board and the University of New Mexico Board of Regents.


The Faculty Senate shall be the representative and operational entity that carries out the responsibilities of the Faculty Assembly.


The Faculty Assembly (through its Faculty Council) shall have the right to review and make appropriate recommendations in regard to the following:

     a. Formulation of institutional aims

     b. Creation of divisions, departments and programs

     c. Major curricular changes and other matters that affect the institution as a whole

     d. Standards for admission and graduation and for honors and scholastic performance in general

     e. Approval of candidates for degrees

     f. Policies and procedures of appointment, dismissal and promotion in academic rank

     g. Academic counseling of students

     h. Faculty compensation

     i. General faculty welfare

President: Amie Chavez Aguilar -

Vice President: Sarah Stolar -​

Meeting Date/Time:

Faculty Council meets on the third Friday at 8 a.m. of every month during the academic year.

Student Government 

Student Government strives to encourage student participation by creating a sense of community through fun opportunities and clubs across campus. We also support students’ basic needs and act as a voice for student suggestions and concerns. 

Chair: Student Government President, Madelynn Gonzales-Mascarenas -

Meeting Date/Time: Student Government meets every other Monday at 9 a.m. during the academic year.


Chair: Thomas Duran -

The Budget Committee meets at least once a semester and additionally when needed.


Chair: Louis Moya -

The Grants Committee meets at least once a semester and additionally when needed.

Administrative Team


Rotating facilitators

Vicki Vigil -

The Administrative Team meets at least once a semester and additionally when needed.

College Council

Paralee King - Co-Chair and Staff Representative

Sarah Stolar - Co-Chair and Faculty Representative​