Who is Considered an Alum?

As a graduate, you become a part of the student alumni association for your university. An alumni association brings former students together to maintain a connection with their university and fellow graduates. Being a part of an association can open many doors for you and allow you to reap a lot of different benefits. Not only does it give the opportunity to stay engaged, but it also allows you to help new and potential students.

Become an Alum

Why is an Alumni Network Important?

One of the best parts of being part of an alumni association is the network that comes with it. An alumni network connects you, as a graduate, with a number of professional contacts and other graduates from your university. Whether it be building your brand, creating business connections or getting involved in other organizations, an alumni network is an excellent source for building those long-term relationships to get a foot in the door or advance your career.

Why is it Important for Alumni to Give Back?

An essential part of being an alumnus is finding ways to give back to the university. Many believe that it's giving donations to the school or responding to emails, but there is much more behind that. Those small acts of showing support for the community you have become a part of can be the beginning of a success story for new students. As an alumnus you know first-hand the education and valuable life lessons that can come out of the university and using that knowledge to shape current and future students is important to pass on – for your success, the students and the university.

Being a Good Alum

Graduating and receiving your diploma with that great sense of pride does not mean your time with the university has to be over. Getting involved in your alumni association can provide connections, career services, an alumni network, a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to help the students who come after you.

Being an alumnus and receiving all the perks that come along with it is a two-way street. Alumni participation is critical to building and maintaining a strong community within the university.