Celebrating EMS Grads

January 2, 2024


Photo by Josh Wright


The UNM-Taos Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program is built to ensure that Taos County has a well-trained, sufficient paramedic response to meet the emergency needs of its residents and visitors. December’s graduating class was the biggest class to date: 14 EMT-Basics and 11 EMT-Intermediates. An end-of-course celebration and employer meet and greet was held Dec. 15 at Bataan Hall. 

Coordinated by UNM-Taos Allied Program Specialist Rasa O’Donnell, the event was attended by about 60 people including students, their families, instructors, staff, and employers. 

“The coffee pot went empty once on the cold, snowy day,” O’Donnell shared. “Attendees helped themselves to homemade cookies, enchiladas, and vegetables to nourish their appetites.” 

The graduates received the EMS oath on a plaque and EMS pins. 

Also in attendance were employers who spoke about their agencies to recruit the grads. 

“I recognized some employers as being former students, which was encouraging,” said O’Donnell who added that out of the 14 agencies she invited to the event, about half were able to attend. 

She went on to describe the gathering as a “casual, celebratory occasion recognizing the hard work of the students, and support of their families. It was also a way to acknowledge the important role EMS services play in our community and everyone's commitment to serve and make Taos safe and healthy.”