Digital Media Arts

The two-year Associates Degree Program in Digital Media Arts teaches both technical “hands-on” skills and a disciplined mindset for becoming a media professional. Students emerge from the program with the skills necessary to understand the trends of the media industry and produce their own original content. This program focuses on teaching industry-standard skills and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Students graduate from the program with a capstone project in their reel and with a solid introduction of what it takes to launch a media career. The program is dynamic, practical, and fun. This degree articulates with the Bachelor of Arts and BFA degrees in Film and Digital Media Arts at UNM Main campus. UNM-Taos reserves the right to make necessary changes as needed. Students should consult with an advisor prior to enrollment.

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The best way to learn how to make media is to get your hands on some equipment and do it. Using a range of cameras, audio gear, stabilizers, lights, cranes, sliders and computer editing software; students are able experience the excitement of creating small group projects in dynamic settings.



To be an engaged citizen in our media saturated world it is critical to have a solid understanding of the trends, challenges and possibilities which modern technology has brought us. Our classes choose leading edge books that inspire and challenge our students to deepen the theory and practical applications of media making.



With the support of Canon our classes aim to create projects that have a positive impact on society. Media makers hold immense power to tell stories that can be both personal and global. We teach our students to tell stories that matter.



A successful media maker must have dynamic skills and a flexible, positive outlook. Communicating with team members, sending out proposals to clients, producing excellent work and delivering on time are only a handful of the skills needed to succeed. We teach ways to improve your workflow, make connections, and begin your career.



Each year our Instructors participate in industry workshops, film festivals, and gatherings of creative professionals. These networks are shared with our students in the forms of; internships, production assistant gigs, special guests, and workshops you would only find in a dynamic college environment. Three of our students have won awards from the New Mexico

Film Foundation and six have won camera prizes from Canon. Each year, new opportunities present themselves for which we encourage students to take the initiative and apply. Over the last few years many students have gotten paid jobs through our dynamic network.



The eight courses are arranged systematically so that you proceed with a “cohort” or team of students and make life-long friends and colleagues as you move your way towards an Associates Degree in Digital Media Arts.