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Humanities are those disciplines that study the human condition from various perspectives. The Humanities Program at UNM-Taos includes the following disciplines: American Studies, Classical Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Honors, Women’s Studies. Humanities help one to understand and relate to the increasingly global world in a positive and constructive manner. Students learn to critically interpret philosophical, historical, literary, religious, etc. texts.

Chair: Dr. Thomas Shaw   575-737-3755


Course Listing

American Studies

AMST 180: Introduction to American Studies
AMST 185: Introduction to Race, Class and Ethnicity (Core)

Choose Four of the Following:
AMST 182: Introduction to Environment, Science and Technology (Core)
AMST 183: Introduction to Gender Studies
AMST 184: Introduction to American Popular Culture
AMST 186: Introduction to Southwest Studies (Core)
AMST 200: Topics in American Studies (may be repeated twice)
AMST 251: The Chicano Experience in the United States
AMST 252: The Native American Experience
AMST 285: American Life and Thought 


CLST 107: Greek Mythology (also offered as ENG 107) (Core)
CLST 204: Greek Civilization (Core)
CLST 205: Roman Civilization (Core)
LATN 101: Elementary Latin I
LATN 102: Elementary Latin II

Choose one of the following:
ARTH 201: History of Art
PHIL 201: Greek Philosophy
RELG 232: Christian Scriptures


HIST 101: Western Civilization to 1648 (Core)
HIST 102: Western Civilization post 1648 (Core)
HIST 161: U.S. History to 1877 (Core)
HIST 162: U.S. History since 1877 (Core)

Choose two of the following:
HIST 181: History of Early Latin America (Core)
HIST 182: Modern Latin American History (Core)
HIST 220: Studies in History (may be repeated twice)
HIST 260: History of New Mexico


PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy (Core)
PHIL 156: Reasoning and Critical Thinking

Choose four of the following:
PHIL 102: Current Moral Problems
PHIL 108: Introduction to Asian Philosophies
PHIL 201: Greek Philosophy (Core)
PHIL 202: Modern Philosophy (Core)
PHIL 244: Introduction to Existentialism
PHIL 245: Professional Ethics

Religious Studies

RELG 107: Living World Religions (Core)
RELG 263: Eastern Religions (Core)
RELG 264: Western Religions (Core)

Choose three of the following:
RELG 103: Introduction to the Bible
RELG 105: Religion and the Arts
RELG 230: Hebrew Scriptures
RELG 232: Christian Scriptures
RELG 247: Studies in Religion (may be repeated twice)

Women Studies

WMST 200: Women: Social and Historical Perspectives (Pending)
WMST 233: Native American Women (Pending)
WMST 250: Black Women (Pending)

Choose two of the following:
WMST 231: Psychology of Human Sexuality (Pending)
WMST 279: Interdisciplinary Topics (may be repeated twice): The Chicana Experience; Traditions of the Goddess; Native American Women; and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
AMST 183: Introduction to Gender Studies


  • Dr. Steve Fox (American Studies)
  • Dr. Cathy McAleer (Philosophy and Religion)
  • Dr. Andrea Heckman (History)
  • Dr. Marty Hewlett (Religion)
  • Dr. Larry Larrichio (History)
  • Dr. Michele Potter (American Studies)
  • Flavio "Bob" Romero (History)
  • Dr. Thomas Shaw (American Studies, Classics, History and Women Studies)
  • Dr. Barbara Hawthorne (Women Studies)
  • Larry Torres (American Studies)