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Veterans Upward Bound Application
Veterans Upward Bound

115 Civic Plaza Dr Taos, NM
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1157 County Road 110, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

Phone: (855) 357-3725

Frequently Asked Questions


Veterans Upward Bound

What is Veterans Upward Bound?

The Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) program at the University of New Mexico-Taos is a federally funded TRIO program that provides college prep and/or GED courses at NO COST to qualified veterans.  It is designed to help veterans boost and refresh their academic skills so they can enroll in and succeed in college classes.

Do I have to attend UNM-Taos to be enrolled in the VUB program?

No. You may attend the school of your choice anywhere in NM. We offer different insight so you can attend the school that best meets your needs.

What is the cost to veterans?

All Veteran Upward Bound classes and supplies are FREE to qualified veterans.

Which education benefits can I use at Veterans Upward Bound?

VUB will work closely with the institution of your choice in order to determine which benefits you may qualify for. Your eligibility for benefits does not affect your enrollment into Veterans Upward Bound.

What are the benefits of attending and completing Veterans Upward Bound?

Veterans Upward Bound provides classes in math, writing, science, computer and study skills that prepare you for college-level work with professional instructors.  The VUB staff will help you enroll or return to college... The VUB staff will advise you on college programs and degrees available in New Mexico.  VUB offers personal and career counseling with professional staff... Veterans are encouraged to return to VUB for additional help and advice throughout their college career.

How do I qualify for VUB?

All participants must have served 181 days of continuous active duty in one of the armed services and have a discharge that is other than dishonorable. If you served in the National Guard or in the Reserves, you qualify for the program if you were mobilized to active duty for at least 181 days.  All participants must be either low-income (based on federal poverty income charts) or potential first generation college students (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree). All participants must have academic need.

What documentation do I need to qualify for Veterans Upward Bound?

You must provide your DD 214. If you do not have one, our staff members can assist in getting a replacement.

When can I start?

Our program is open-entry, open-exit, so you decide when to enter and exit the program.  Once you are accepted to the program, your academic skills will be assessed and you can start classes within the same week

How do I apply for the VUB program?

Call, email or stop by the office to make an appointment with our staff. Bring your DD214. If you do not have it, the VUB staff will be able to help you obtain them.  After answering some questions, signing required forms and filling out the VUB application, the staff will set up an assessment appointment to help you to determine the best college pathway for you.

Can I apply online to enroll in Veterans Upward Bound?

VUB is designed to meet your individual goals, needs and interests so we start with an interview process.  You are welcome to complete the attached application and email it to us and we will get back to you to set up an interview.  You can speed up the process by bringing a completed application with you to your first meeting with an advisor. There is no obligation to join the program. (855) 357-3725

What are the classes offered in this program?

One-day workshops to include topics such as speed-reading, goal setting, resume writing, stress management and personal finance. Short-term refresher and college prep courses are designed to help veterans brush up on their academic skills or master new skills. Courses provided include Basic Math, Composition and Literature, Science, Computer Skills and Study Skills. Online refresher courses are also available. 

What if I have been out of school for a while and need to refresh my skills?

Feel free to contact us we have the skills and expertise to assist you and help you be successful. We develop individualized learning plans for everyone based on individual needs.  We also offer academic counseling, and tutoring, as well.

Once I'm done with these college prep courses what kind of programs will I be ready for?

 All of the courses offered are refresher.  Successfully completing a subject area would enable you to enter any of the following degree plans:  Two-year colleges, four-year colleges/universities, professional training programs, and vocational certificate programs.

Will VUB provide Financial Aid?

    Our services we provide to our enrollees are free. We can also help you with the application process for financial aid at the college of your choice once you are ready to apply.

Will VUB assist me with a career path or helps me choose a school?

Yes. Our staff can work with you to help determine what career field might be appropriate for you. We can also you determine which school will best prepare you for your chosen field.

Where is your program located?

Our regional headquarters is 115 Civic Plaza Drive, Taos, New Mexico 87571 and the phone number we can be reached at (855) 357-3725.