CASA Workshops

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CASA Workshops


The UNM-Taos Center for Academic Success and Achievement hosts free workshops for the benefit of UNM students. These workshops cover a wide range of topics. Students can get extra credit in relevant classes for workshop attendance.

Examples of Workshops Include:

Test Anxiety - Learn effective strategies to recognize and conquer test anxiety

Grammar - Learn about some common grammatical mistakes and how to avoid them.

Punctuation - Learn about some common punctuation pitfalls and how to avoid them

APA style writing - Learn the basic format and rules for the American Psychological Association Style of paper writing (for science-related students)

MLA-Modern language Association Style Writing - Learn the basic format and rules for the Modern language Association (MLA) style of paper writing. (for English students)

099-100 Math Skills - Learn common concepts for students in Pre-Algebra including fractions, decimals, percentages, and positive/negative numbers

Functions with Graphs - Learn about drawing a graph using an equation of function (Math 120-121)

Exponents/Roots/Logarithms - Learn about the relationships between Exponential numbers and Logarithmic Functions. This workshop will also cover complex numbers, exponents, negative Exponents/ Roots/ Logs (Math 120-121)

Critical Thinking and Active Listening - Helps students look at topics critically and analytically

Time Management – Helps students create a schedule

Computer Basics – Seminar style question and answer covering basic computer concerns

Note Taking – Shows students how to take notes efficiently as well as some different types of note taking

Writing Workshop - Gives an overview of basic writing skills and structure of a paper