UNM-Taos Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising is a key component to a successful student experience. The University of New Mexico-Taos offers a wealth of intellectual opportunities, both in and outside the classroom. The central role of advisors is to help you take full advantage of all that’s available as you create your unique path through your undergraduate career.

No one path is right or recommended. An advisor’s role is to challenge you to stretch your mind and question your assumptions. They help provide a compass for you, not a roadmap, and encourage you to explore intellectual opportunities. They can also help you create relationships with faculty and staff mentors who can support you as you pursue opportunities.

It is in your best interest to seek advising early and often from many different sources. Even the most common academic concern can relate to your deepest aspirations. This is why the relationships you form with multiple mentors – Academic Advisors, Student Success Directors and Staff, Department Chairs, Area Coordinators, and Faculty are an essential element of your undergraduate experience


To set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor, please call: (575) 737-6200 or (575) 737-6202,

Student Affairs is located at:
1157 County Road 110,
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

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Schedule of Classes and Registration

Detailed registration procedures and important information relating to each semester/session at UNM-Taos are published before each semester or session in the UNM-Taos schedule of classes. Also included in the class schedule are tuition and fee payment information; a list of course offerings, dates, times, locations, and faculty; advisement information; a semester/session calendar; and any new course descriptions not listed in the Catalog. The schedule of classes is available at the UNM-Taos 114 and 115 Civic Plaza Drive locations, the Klauer campus, and at the Taos Public Library, as well as online click here Current Class Schedule

Class Cancellation

UNM-Taos reserves the right to cancel any course subject to budgetary requirements, enrollment figures, or availability of instructors. Decisions regarding the cancellation of specific classes will be made at the close of each registration period. Because the major determining factor for cancellations is enrollment, it is most important that students register during the scheduled registration period.

Transcript Requests

There is a $3.00 fee for each official transcript to be sent to other collegiate institutions, state departments of education, employers, or prospective employers. The fee is $10.00 if the student wishes to have the transcript processed within 24 hours. There is no fee for unofficial transcripts. Transcripts of record may not be issued until all financial obligations to the University have been satisfied.


The student is responsible for monitoring his/her individual progress towards graduation. For this purpose, curriculum checklists are available from UNM-Taos Academic Advisors for the various associate degree programs. A Request for Degree Requirements Graduation Review should be submitted by each student to the Registrar upon the completion of at least 40 credit hours towards an associate degree, or 20 credit hours towards a certificate. One semester before the semester in which a student expects to graduate, a student must petition to graduate by completing an Official Graduation Petition and submitting it to the Registrar at UNM-Taos. The graduation fee is $10.00.

Class Hours and Credit Hours

A class hour generally consists of 50 minutes. One class hour per week of lecture throughout a semester generally earns a maximum of one credit hour. One credit hour of laboratory usually meets for 2-1/2 hours per week. The student should expect 3 hours of study time per credit hour enrollment.

Grades and Grade Point Average

The grades awarded in all courses are indicative of the quality of work done. Grade points are shown below:

A+ 4.33A 4.00 - Excellent
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00 - Good
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00 - Satisfactory
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00 - Barely Passing
D- 0.67
F 0.00 - Failing

CR - Credit Gives credit for the course but is not computed in the scholarship index. At the graduate level,

CR is used to report completion of master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.

CR credit is the equivalent of at least a grade of C but is not computed in scholarship index.

NC - No Credit Not computed in scholarship index. At the graduate level, NC is used to report unsatisfactory completion of master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.

PR - Progress (Selected courses only): This grade indicates that a student has made progress but has not met achievement requirements of the course and is not able to advance to the next level course. No honor points are earned, and the credit is not computed in the GPA, nor is it counted toward graduation. Students may earn progress grade only once, they must then earn a letter grade: A, B, C, D or F.I (Incomplete) The grade of I is given only when circumstances beyond the student's control have prevented completion of the work of a course with official dates of a session.

Audit - Audit is recorded for completion of enrollment in an audited course. No credit is earned for audit grade option.

WP - Withdraw Passing All approved course withdrawals after sixth week of classes (after the third week during the summer session) are subject to the grade of WP, if the student was passing the course at the time of completion of the official paperwork.

WF - Withdraw Failing All approved course withdrawals after the sixth week of classes (after the third week during summer session) are subject to the grade of WF, if the student was failing the course at the time of completion of the official paperwork to withdraw. The grade of WF will be calculated as a failing grade in student's grade point average.

For more information see the UNM-Taos Catalog

Grade Notification

Students can access semester grades via LoboWeb or If a hard copy is desired, it can be obtained by visiting Student Affairs on 115 Civic Plaza Drive.