Tuition Costs


(Fees are subject to change)

Tuition RatesPer Credit HourSupport
Service Fee
Half-Time3/4 TimeFull-Time
Resident $78.00 $15.00 $483.00 $717.00 $951.00
Non-Resident $198.00 $15.00 $1,203.00 $1,797.00 $2,391.00
Senior Rate $5.00 $15.00 $45.00
  • Must be age 65 or older as of the 21st day from the start of the semester 
  • Must be a New Mexico Resident as defined by the Residency Classification Office
  • Must register on or after the first day of classes only (August 22, 2011)

Payment can be made online via LoboWeb: open in new window icon
Cash, Check or money order payments may be made in person or mailed to:
1157 County Road 110; Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

  • Bachelor /Graduate
  • 300 level and above courses are subject to main campus tuition/fees
  • Online and correspondence courses may be subject to main campus tuition/fees
*Tuition rates and fees are subject to change


Tuition CoctsPayments Can be made via LoboWeb

Or Cash, check or money order payments may be made in person at the Cashier's office, 1157 County Road 110, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557.

Please include your name on all payments. Please make checks/money orders payable to the University of New Mexico-Taos. Credit card payments (MasterCard/VISA/Discover) are accepted by calling (505) 277-4748 or by calling the UNM Cashier's office at (575) 737-6269.

$15 Support Service Fee

Tuition Rates for Bachelor and Graduate Programs can be found at

Tuition Rates for Senior Citizens
You qualify for a reduced tuition rate of $5.00 per credit hour if you are:

  • Age 65 or older as of the 21st day from the start of the semester
  • A New Mexico resident as defined by the Residency Classification office

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to fill out the residency portion of the admissions form disqualifies you from getting the reduced senior rate.

  • Registering for no more than six (6) credit hours
  • Registering on or after the first day of the semester.

PLEASE NOTE: Registering BEFORE the first day of class precludes your getting the reduced senior rate for that semester. 

Tuition Refund
All tuition and fee refunds are based on the date of official drop or withdrawal.  To receive consideration for a refund of paid tuition and fees, students must complete drop procedures via LoboWeb, or in the Student Enrollment Department.  A refund is not automatically disbursed to a student; a written request must be made.  If a refund is due and payment was made by check, there is a 21-day hold period from the payment receipt date before the refund is processed.  MasterCard/VISA card payments must be credited back to the charge card.  Students must provide credit card number and expiration date to the Cashier's office. Check the "Academic Calendar" section for the last drop/refund date for each semester.

Financial Aid Award & Payment
Financial Aid forms are available in the Student Enrollment Department. Students seeking financial aid assistance must complete a FAFSA form. The UNM school code is 002663.  Once the form has been submitted, please call 737-6215 to verify your eligibility or if you need help filling out your forms.  Financial Aid funds are disbursed the first day of classes.  Scholarship and grant information is available at: Aid/Scholarships

If a student withdraws during the semester, he/she may be required to pay back a portion of their financial aid. The pay-back amount is determined by the student’s last date of attendance.

Financial Aid office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Call for walk-in and appointment hours.