Lobo IDWhat is a NetID and Why do I need one?

All faculty, staff, students and affiliates at UNM are required to have a NetID to access the
University’s central computing services available through UNM’s enterprise applications
including LoboWeb at http://my.unm.edu.

Your NetID enables you to send and receive email, research UNM’s library databases
(LIBROS, FirstSearch, etc.), and access other UNM online services.

Who can get a NetID?
Any admitted student, faculty, staff or retired faculty/staff can obtain a NetID. If you are
faculty or staff, your NetID will remain yours through your retirement. Departments can
request NetIDs for special departmental uses such as Web pages and visiting scholars.

How do I get my NetID?
Log onto http://netid.unm.edu/ to get to the NetID maintenance page, and follow the link at the
Create NetID section.

When creating your NetID, the system will prompt you for some required information including:
your social security number, your birth date, your requested NetID, a password and your security

Or you can visit the UNM Taos Library and they will be happy to help you.

What are the security questions for?
The security questions are for the Challenge Response feature, which ensure your password is
secure and not easily accessed. If you forget your password, answering your security questions
enables you to reset your password.

How does the Challenge Response feature work?
When you create your NetID you must answer at least five questions. If you forget your
password, you can return to the NetID maintenance page and answer the five questions you
previously set up and you can then reset your password. You can call the ITS Support Center if
you need additional help.

What is a good NetID?
Your NetID identifies you on UNM’s computer system, and is the first part of your UNM email
address. A NetID must contain between six and eight characters and start with a letter. NetIDs
are typically a combination of first and last names, initials or nicknames. It may contain numbers,
but cannot include punctuation characters or spaces.

Choose your Net ID carefully; you will not be able to change it later. Because NetIDs must be
unique, you will not be allowed to select a name that is already in use at UNM.

How soon can I use my NetID?
There is a brief delay before your NetID can be used to access certain sites. Go to either
StudentInfo at http://studentinfo.unm.edu or FastInfo at http://fastinfo.unm.edu, and type in
Answer ID 3423 in the search engine to view additional information on new NetIDs.

Can I change my NetID?
In most cases, you cannot change your NetID, but under special circumstances, a computer
account can be closed and a new account and NetID created. Contact the ITS Support Center at
277.4848 or visit http://it.unm.edu/support for more information.

Why do I need a Password?
To ensure that only you can log into the network with your public NetID, you must have
a password that only you know. Your password acts as the “authentication” that allows
access to your system disk space, email, etc., at UNM. You are responsible for any use of
your NetID and disk space. Don’t share your password or let others use your account.

How do I create a good Password? / What is a good Password?
Choosing a good password is important. Your password should be difficult for a password
cracking program or for anyone to guess. We encourage you to change your password once a
semester; however the UNM system requires you to change your password every 180 days.
A password must be 6-8 characters long and start with a letter. It must contain both alphabetic
characters (letters) and either numeric characters (numbers) or one or more of these special
characters, # or _. NOTE: the pound sign and underscore are the only special characters

At least one numeric character or special character must separate at least two alphabetic
characters. For example, you could not use passwords like george3 or $susan because the
numbers or special characters are not surrounded by letters. Passwords like g3orge or
su$ana will work.

How do I change my Password?
You can change your password online (http://netid.unm.edu/). For more information, see
Changing your Password http://it.unm.edu/accts/passwordinfo.html.

What if I forget my Password?
Go to the NetID maintenance page (http://netid.unm.edu) and click the Reset Your Password link,
and you will be prompted to answer the Challenge Response questions you previously set up.
You may also call the ITS Support Center at (505) 277.4848 and ask to have your password reset. See
page 10 for Support Center hours and assistance.

What is my email address at UNM?
At UNM, your NetID combined with @unm.edu is your email address. It enables you to send or
receive e-mail to or from anyone and access UNM applications such as LoboWeb. You can arrange
to have other e-mail services forwarded to your UNM e-mail address on other servers such as
salud.unm.edu or yahoo.com.