Why College?

College means different things to different people. For some, going to college is the next logical step after high school. Others may pursue a college degree for status, or to qualify for a particular high-paying job. Still others feel the need to train themselves to be useful in the world.

This page contains quotes gathered from a cross-section of folks in the Taos learning community. We hope that you will find some inspiration for continuing your education.


David Gomez"If it weren't for my college education I'd be washing dishes or building fences." David Gomez - Taos Pueblo- Attorney in Santa Fé



Ernest Ortega"A college education gives you a chance to do what you REALLY WANT to do in life."

Ernest Ortega - Arroyo Seco

Press Secretary for the Secretary of State, Santa Fé

"I want to be self-sufficient. It would be difficult to make a lot of money in Taos without college; even with college it's still difficult."

Tallouh, student, UNM-Taos 


"To be a complete person!"

Margaret Mactavish, faculty member, UNM-Taos


Kristie Conklin"I chose my field because it was something I was interested in in high school. I decided to learn as much about it as I could because I was interested. Without the knowledge I gained I don't know what I'd be doing now."
Kristie Conklin, Office Manager, Taos Physical Therapy


Why College"My father said, 'Nobody can ever take knowledge away from you.' If you want to have a long term career you need a higher education."

Joanne Yoshimine-Griess, Physical Therapist, Taos Physical Therapy


Scott McAdams"College is invaluable as you are learning not only from experts in academia but from guest speakers, real world experiences and classmates. Classmates not only become friends but future resources to use in both personal and business life."

Scott McAdams, Peoples Bank


Roberta Vigil"I did it for myself and to set an example for my son. I want to make a better life for him."

Roberta Vigil, UNM-Taos Staff Member

"College presented challenges, opportunities, and the realization of my life's passions."
Lucinda Twins

"It's very important. If you want a good paying job it's necessary."
Fred Archuleta, El Taoseno Restaurant


Jenny Krizan"I completed my EMT course so I could give back to my community."

Jeanny Krizan, Taos



"College presents ideas and possibilities that are beyond our immediate, personal realm of experience. A college education is a the foundation on which you build your future. That's what college is for - to prepare you for your life." Anne C. Landgraf, UNM-Taos - University Communications