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Growing pains at UNM-Taos

Each year, UNM-Taos Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill spends the better part of January in the Roundhouse during the legislative session in Santa Fe, and I asked her to fill me in on some of this session’s highlights and comment on what to expect in the coming year. She felt that it went better this […]

Enrollment increases once again at UNM-Taos

The numbers don’t lie. Once again UNM-Taos has come out on top, even in a time when most prognosticators figured that, with state funding cuts causing tuition increases, federal grants and student loans shrinking and the improving economy producing at least a trickle of jobs, enrollment numbers in colleges and universities throughout the nation were […]

Hitting our stride

UNM-Taos is a dynamic place. Students and faculty come and go, our economic condition changes at the will of granting institutions and the state legislature, and new classes and programs emerge with each semester. We don’t sit still for long. But one thing that doesn’t change is our mission to provide high quality, affordable education […]

Doing our part—and more

It’s enrollment time again at UNM-Taos, and a good time to reflect on the role of higher education in northern New Mexico. The beauty of a rural community college is that its mission is formed to great extent by the needs of the citizens residing the communities it serves. Nowhere is this more apparent than […]

UNM-Taos: one of Taos County’s premier assets

You can’t really put a price on a person’s education, because its primary value is intangible: it opens doors of opportunity for a better income over a lifetime, certainly, but it can also open up one’s mind to personal growth and a world of possibilities which would otherwise be beyond the individual’s reach. On the […]

UNM-Taos Library moves to Klauer Campus

“It has been a bittersweet experience,” mused UNM-Taos head librarian Kathleen Knoth last week in commenting on the library’s long-awaited move to Klauer Campus. “We have seventeen years of history in that historic building on Civic Plaza Drive and I had to ask, do we really want to leave this area? The UNM-Taos Library has […]

The face of things to come

“I always love the start of the fall semester. You can feel the excitement in the air,” began Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill in our conversation last week about what the second half of the 2012 school year might hold for our community college. “Our enrollment numbers look strong and we are seeing a lot […]

The future begins now at UNM-Taos

Hard as it is to get used to, by the time this column comes out, summer will be just about over and the first day of the UNM-Taos 2012 Fall Semester will be less than two weeks away. This is the time when the lines in the enrollment office start to lengthen, it takes longer […]

Graduation and registration at UNM-Taos

The schedules of classes for UNM-Taos summer and fall semesters are in the racks around town and several hundred students have already registered for one or both semesters, locking in the classes they need at the times they need to take them. I had a conversation with Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill about the end […]

The Development Office takes shape

Louis Moya came on board less than a year ago to head up the Development Office at UNM-Taos. After graduating from Taos High School, Moya got his undergraduate degree in media arts at main campus in Albuquerque, moved to Los Angeles, then obtained a law degree from Rutgers and practiced law on the east coast. […]