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Commit to complete at UNM-Taos

The mission of UNM-Taos as expressed in the recently completed five year plan is “to provide quality educational opportunities that transform the lives of our students, enrich the lives of our culturally diverse citizenry, and strengthen the regional economy”. An important but often overlooked component of this mission is our commitment to helping students transfer […]

UNM-Taos offers an opportunity to engage

At UNM-Taos, our mission goes far beyond the classroom, and one of our most important responsibilities is to model best practices in support of the local economy. We do this in many ways, both directly and indirectly. A majority of our students receive state and federal financial aid, which gets distributed throughout the county, and […]

UNM-Taos and the commitment to complete

Last week two UNM-Taos National Honor Society students, Tammy Kuykendall and Nathan Resa, stopped by to talk about a new project called C-4 that they would be rolling out during Transfer Day. That’s the day students that have just about finished a certificate or degree at UNM-Taos meet with representatives of colleges and universities to […]