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Fall is just around the corner at UNM-Taos

It happens every year. Las Fiestas have come and gone. Summer is winding down. You can set your watch by the afternoon monsoon cloud cover. And people’s thoughts turn more and more to chamisa in bloom, golden leaves, cool nights, and school. It never fails. By the time the parade is over and the UNM-Taos […]

Now’s the best time to enroll at UNM-Taos

The closer we get to the first day of class—and it’s early this year: January 12, barely a month away—the “zooier” it can become in the enrollment office, according to Patricia Gonzales, Director of Student Affairs. Those of you who have taken classes at UNM-Taos in the past and waited until the last minute to […]

Operation registration at UNM-Taos

“I feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.” “I don’t know where I’m supposed to be.” “Everybody else looks like they know what’s going on. Why don’t I?” “I don’t belong here. This is not for me. This is too frustrating.” These are some of the reactions that Patricia Gonzales, UNM-Taos Director […]

Helping to trace the trajectory of a student’s career

Advising is a difficult occupation, and I admire those who practice it. To be successful, just for starters, you have to be a cross between a faculty member, an area coordinator, an advocate, a scholar, a coach, a friend, a banker, a therapist and a lion tamer. You have to be a good listener, but […]

Wouldn’t you rather be online than on line?

Finally, with snow on the mountain, it really feels like winter in Taos. But that doesn’t mean that Spring—Spring Semester at UNM-Taos, that is—is far behind. In fact, by the time you read this we will have already enrolled close to half the Spring, 2013 student body. Why is that important? Because classes, as we […]

Jenny Miranda is the new advisor at UNM-Taos

Many of the students who have come through the doors of UNM-Taos in the past seven years have begun their academic careers by meeting with one of our advisors, Damon Montclare. At the end of the spring semester, Damon began a new phase in his life, traveling to India to study for a year on […]

Enroll now for a better college experience

Even though winter has barely begun, it’s already time to set our sights on spring. Spring semester at UNM-Taos, that is. Schedules are in the racks around town, and 10,000 of them have been inserted in this week’s Taos News. I thought it would be a good time to talk with some of the folks […]