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UNM-Taos celebrates 10 years as the branch campus in Taos

Friday, October 4 is a special day for UNM-Taos. We have two events going on, both hosted by our neighbor, the Taos Country Club, just across from Klauer campus on County Road 110. In the morning there will be a gathering of more than 80 students from UNM-Taos, Northern, Santa Fe Community College, Luna, Highlands […]

Upward Bound at UNM-Taos

For a small, rural, underserved community to have its own community college has many obvious advantages. Non–traditional students who can’t afford to leave home can still improve work skills and expand their horizons while holding down a job or two and tending to multigenerational family responsibilities. Two year colleges have substantial payrolls for full time […]

Moving forward in uncertain times

It seems as if fall enrollment just ended at UNM-Taos and we’re already putting together the spring schedule of classes, midterms are a thing of the past and everyone is looking forward to the big move out to the Klauer campus with a mixture of giddy excitement and downright dread. Thanksgiving looms on the horizon […]