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Bragging rights at UNM-Taos

In light of 2013 being the 10th anniversary of the state legislature designating UNM-Taos a branch of the state’s flagship university, we have already seen some events worthy of celebration, or at least a little bragging. After several years of setting aside funds, resources are being applied to student amenities such as indoor social and […]

Senator Martin Heinrich visits UNM-Taos (part 2)

Last month, Senator Martin Heinrich’s staff requested a meeting with us on the Klauer campus for the purpose of connecting with local renewable energy companies and getting an update on the federal programs that UNM-Taos participates in. On February 16 the senator spent most of the afternoon touring the solar array, having a working lunch […]

Senator Martin Heinrich visits UNM-Taos (part 1)

Last Saturday Martin Heinrich, the recently elected junior Senator from New Mexico, made fact finding visit to the UNM-Taos Klauer campus. The reasons for the visit were to get more familiar with our community college, discuss federal programs and talk with local business leaders in the field of renewable energy about how the government can […]

Crossed paths

When you’ve been in Taos long enough, the surreal starts to become commonplace and the “norm” tends to expand to take in just about everything. After 75 UNM-Taos Reports, this phenomenon still surprises me. I am reminded of one day last summer when I was out at the UNM-Taos Klauer campus taking pictures of the […]

Where do we go from here?

At the end of a tough year punctuated by unprecedented successes at UNM-Taos, it is tempting to fill this space with a detailed year-in-review list of our community college’s many accomplishments. In hard times progress is at a premium, and deserves to be celebrated. But suffice it to say that enrollment continued its robust rise, […]

Energy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 1, UNM-Taos hosted Energy Independence Day to celebrate the construction of the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative 3 ½ acre solar array—to date, the largest solar generation plant in the state of New Mexico. When completed this month the 500 kilowatt facility will provide 100 percent of the power needs of the Klauer campus, […]

“More sustainability equals more self reliance. Taos understands that.”

It’s a really big deal. To date, it’s the biggest built in New Mexico. See for yourself—click on our webcam at taos.unm.edu. When completed, the 3 ½ acre solar generation station currently under construction on the UNM-Taos Klauer campus south of town will produce 500 kilowatts of power—more than enough to run the entire campus. […]

The best engine for economic development in Taos County

This isn’t just one more article about yet another groundbreaking ceremony at UNM-Taos. There were no gold painted shovels or hard hats in evidence the evening of August 20 when several hundred people gathered on the Klauer campus to inaugurate the beginning of the largest solar project in the state. But it was a groundbreaking […]

The year in review

Thirteen year Taos resident Dr. Kate O’Neill came on board as acting director of UNM-Taos in 2006. On July 1, 2007, after a lengthy selection process, she took over as permanent executive director. I asked her to give a rundown of the year’s major events, and what she thought of the job so far. “It’s […]

A sustainable partnership

In an era of soaring energy prices, deteriorating environmental quality and rapidly vanishing resources, the need for clean, renewable energy is no longer a topic for serious debate; it’s a given. Nevertheless, it’s one thing to endorse the idea of renewable energy—and quite another to support it, fight for it and pay for it. That’s […]