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UNM-Taos celebrates 10 years as the branch campus in Taos

Friday, October 4 is a special day for UNM-Taos. We have two events going on, both hosted by our neighbor, the Taos Country Club, just across from Klauer campus on County Road 110. In the morning there will be a gathering of more than 80 students from UNM-Taos, Northern, Santa Fe Community College, Luna, Highlands […]

Practical, applied education at UNM-Taos

In the interest of full disclosure, I have always had a personal fondness for Taos Local Television, ever since a few of us—Candyce O’Donnell, Gail Russell, Rose Rutherford, Rick Romancito, Kathy Cordova, George Chacon, Bob Romero and I, if I recall correctly—created a nonprofit corporation and formed the first TLT board of directors some thirty […]

Two stories of success at UNM-Taos

Anita Bringas Compiling and then interpreting the core data that defines who we are and how we are fulfilling our mission to the students and communities in our service area is a year-round challenge. Anita Bringas, who just this spring got her associate’s degree in pre-business administration at UNM-Taos, has been charged with that task, […]

The Development Office takes shape

Louis Moya came on board less than a year ago to head up the Development Office at UNM-Taos. After graduating from Taos High School, Moya got his undergraduate degree in media arts at main campus in Albuquerque, moved to Los Angeles, then obtained a law degree from Rutgers and practiced law on the east coast. […]

UNM-Taos: onward and upward

“The community college is a vital link between worlds,” observed UNM-Taos Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill after the 2011 commencement ceremonies, “and our graduation exercises are truly a community celebration. We are proud to play a part in helping people discover themselves and what life holds for them.” May 13 Bataan Hall was filled to […]

A time of transition at UNM-Taos

GRADUATION AND EARLY ENROLLMENT Spring is a busy time at UNM-Taos. Our graduation ceremony takes place May 13, but registration for Summer and Fall classes is already in full swing, and early enrollment is the name of the game. “Students tend not to think about fall until the summer semester is over,” reported Patricia Gonzales, […]

For the record

Amid the turmoil of a contentious legislative session and the uncertainty of a new funding formula being considered for higher education, UNM-Taos students are coming down the home stretch in record numbers to wrap up the spring semester, complete their finals and celebrate their successes in the 2011 commencement exercises March 13. Although UNM-Taos is […]