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Hitting our stride

UNM-Taos is a dynamic place. Students and faculty come and go, our economic condition changes at the will of granting institutions and the state legislature, and new classes and programs emerge with each semester. We don’t sit still for long. But one thing that doesn’t change is our mission to provide high quality, affordable education […]

UNM-Taos: one of Taos County’s premier assets

You can’t really put a price on a person’s education, because its primary value is intangible: it opens doors of opportunity for a better income over a lifetime, certainly, but it can also open up one’s mind to personal growth and a world of possibilities which would otherwise be beyond the individual’s reach. On the […]

UNM-Taos Library moves to Klauer Campus

“It has been a bittersweet experience,” mused UNM-Taos head librarian Kathleen Knoth last week in commenting on the library’s long-awaited move to Klauer Campus. “We have seventeen years of history in that historic building on Civic Plaza Drive and I had to ask, do we really want to leave this area? The UNM-Taos Library has […]

Out of chaos, a new learning paradigm

The year 2009 was a time punctuated by the barely controlled chaos of academy heads, faculty, administration, advisors, tutors, business office and bookstore personnel, enrollment staff and more than 1,500 students trying simultaneously to get settled into their new digs on the UNM-Taos Klauer Campus. Add to the fun the culmination of a two year […]

The fall semester is in full swing at UNM-Taos

Fall enrollment is now officially over at UNM-Taos, and we’re well into our fourth week of classes. The numbers are still coming in that give us an in-depth profile of our student body: their age, gender, ethnicity, career and academic goals, and many other factors that, when compared to previous years, tell us how we’re […]

First impressions of the fall

Fall enrollment at UNM-Taos is always a challenge. It takes a huge amount of coordinated effort to get 1,500 students through the process—put their transcripts in order, register, talk to an advisor, arrange for financial aid and sign up for classes. And although much of this can be accomplished online now, students are notorious for […]

Mixed feelings from the LFC

The Legislative Finance Committee paid a visit to Taos last week as UNM-Taos hosted three days of interim public hearings out at the Klauer campus. The LFC is one of the most powerful committees in state government, making budgetary recommendations to the legislature for the funding of state government, higher education and public schools. According […]

Dennis Cruz moves on

Dennis Cruz is retiring from UNM-Taos after 16 years of service and he will be sorely missed. Everyone is welcome to stop by Thursday, February 25 from 1-3 p.m. at the new snack bar in Pueblo Hall on the Klauer campus to wish him well. Cruz started as business manager in 1994, just months after […]

Where do we go from here?

At the end of a tough year punctuated by unprecedented successes at UNM-Taos, it is tempting to fill this space with a detailed year-in-review list of our community college’s many accomplishments. In hard times progress is at a premium, and deserves to be celebrated. But suffice it to say that enrollment continued its robust rise, […]

Rounding out the year

Last Thursday I had a few minutes with Dr. Kate O’Neill, Executive Director of UNM-Taos, and asked her for some thoughts now that the semester and the year are almost over. “At this time of year we are reminded of how many people it takes to make a college campus like this successful,” she said, […]