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Skilled, caring people at the UNM-Taos library

Nineteen years ago, when just about the only practical use for a computer in a library was to track the location of books, Kathleen Knoth was already building the UNM-Taos library in a back room of the old Forest Service building on Civic Plaza Drive under the leadership of Executive Director Dr. Augustine Martinez. She […]

UNM-Taos Library moves to Klauer Campus

“It has been a bittersweet experience,” mused UNM-Taos head librarian Kathleen Knoth last week in commenting on the library’s long-awaited move to Klauer Campus. “We have seventeen years of history in that historic building on Civic Plaza Drive and I had to ask, do we really want to leave this area? The UNM-Taos Library has […]

El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros

“If you don’t know how to read, you only learn what someone tells you.” That’s the attention grabber the American Library Association uses to underscore the importance of literacy for individuals, and, by extension, for communities and for society as a whole. Thomas Jefferson and quite a few others over the centuries have taken this […]

February is a busy time at UNM-Taos

Library Lovers’ Month, the American Library Association’s annual celebration of school, public and private libraries is upon us once again, and for the eighth year UNM-Taos Library is hosting its open house, called “Love Your Library” on February 10. In the spirit of the Town of Taos 2012 marketing theme, the subject this year is […]

Love your library

Love Your Library Month has come round again, and with it the sixth annual UNM-Taos Library open house from 2-6 p.m. this Friday at 115 Civic Plaza Drive. It’s more of a “funraiser” than a fundraiser, but tax deductible Valentine gifts to the library will be gratefully accepted. Like all functions of the UNM-Taos Library, […]

Passing it on

UNM-Taos classes for spring semester start in five days—January 20—and enrollment ends shortly thereafter. For those who are wondering whether they can get enough support to make their educational journey a productive one, here are a few of the ways UNM-Taos works to ensure student success. Kathleen Knoth, UNM-Taos Librarian, is offering Arts and Sciences […]

It goes by a variety of names: the new building, the Mazria building (after the architects Mazria, Odem and Dzurec of Santa Fe—try saying that three times fast) the shelled building, the multi purpose classroom building. The New Mexico Solar Energy Association recently called it “…the transition to a new paradigm in large public assembly […]