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Education and economic health

When Councilmember Darren Cordova took the oath of office on January 2 and officially became the new Taos mayor, he made some statements concerning the relationship between education and the economic health of the community. Here’s what he said, in part: “I take over as mayor at a time when we are facing a lot […]

Post script to a road trip

By the time this column comes out major events in this country will have played themselves out, and we will be looking at a whole new set of cards in the hand that we as a society have been dealt. In fact, to push the metaphor farther, it appears that not only the cards but […]

An education stays with you forever

At UNM-Taos success is not just calculated in dollars, square footage, credit hours, enrollment numbers, telecom capability or bandwidth. It is measured by what our students take away with them from the UNM-Taos experience. Here is what a few of our most recent graduates had to say: DAVID SANTOS, ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE IN THE SCIENCE OF […]

A richer learning environment for everyone

One of UNM-Taos’s greatest strengths lies in the diversity and wide range of ages of its students. Not counting the four and five year olds about to be enrolled in the early childhood development program, a class can commonly accommodate students from eighteen years old to well into their eighties. We see young folks fresh […]

“Economic development begins with higher education”

When I came here in 1974 Taos didn’t have a community college, and it wasn’t until 2003 that UNM-Taos became a full fledged branch two-year school. Now, as an adjunct instructor and coordinator for the journalism program at UNM-Taos, I can see how UNM-Taos can—and must—play a major role in the lives of the citizens […]