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The UNM-Taos model for education

You won’t find a “UNM-Taos Model for Education” written down anywhere. It’s an idea I came across in looking back on 2013 and pondering some of the successes and improvements we’ve seen in our community college in the past year. So I figured, after writing 150 articles in the Taos News about the events, the […]

Hitting our stride

UNM-Taos is a dynamic place. Students and faculty come and go, our economic condition changes at the will of granting institutions and the state legislature, and new classes and programs emerge with each semester. We don’t sit still for long. But one thing that doesn’t change is our mission to provide high quality, affordable education […]

Living life more coherently

Follow the national healthcare reform movement too closely and you’ll eventually run up against seemingly insurmountable barriers to intelligent debate on this most pressing of issues: millionaire pundits with an axe to grind, self interested lobbyists, Big Pharma, Big Money, Big Politics, vicious, downright biased individuals and a press more interested in headlines than in […]