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Graduation: we all share in the success

Overall, UNM-Taos serves more than 700 students in its state-mandated Dual Credit Program, which makes it possible for high school students to take classes that count both for high school and college credit. Underscoring the value of this program, on May 8, two Questa High School students, Ariana Gallegos and Joaquin Romero, are going to […]

UNM-Taos—Keeping up with the times

Taking into account the downward trend in college and university enrollment across the nation in the last couple of years, UNM-Taos still continues to hold its own. On January 30, the official last day of Spring Semester 2015 enrollment, we were showing a respectable 1,608 students taking more than 12,000 credit hours. Those figures are […]

The institutional effectiveness of UNM-Taos

Most of the staff at UNM-Taos wear more than one hat. Anita Bringas is the UNM-Taos Administrative Officer and the Title V Grant administrator. She handles data and institutional research for the branch and files reports to the state, the federal government, the Higher Education Department and the Public Education Department. In addition, she compiles […]

It’s that time again at UNM-Taos

Our big annual weekend of summer celebration is over. Taos Fiestas have come and gone, and as every student knows, that means summer, too, is fast drawing to a close. It’s time to start thinking about fall semester. It’s time to start thinking about the future. UNM-Taos enrollment has been going on since last April, […]

Train local/hire local: a simple formula for success

From time to time throughout the summer, this column has devoted itself to what UNM-Taos Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill calls “our responsibility to model best practices” within the community. In keeping with that theme, today’s article is not so much about the health professions alone as it is about the underlying strategy of identifying […]

For the record

Amid the turmoil of a contentious legislative session and the uncertainty of a new funding formula being considered for higher education, UNM-Taos students are coming down the home stretch in record numbers to wrap up the spring semester, complete their finals and celebrate their successes in the 2011 commencement exercises March 13. Although UNM-Taos is […]

First impressions of the fall

Fall enrollment at UNM-Taos is always a challenge. It takes a huge amount of coordinated effort to get 1,500 students through the process—put their transcripts in order, register, talk to an advisor, arrange for financial aid and sign up for classes. And although much of this can be accomplished online now, students are notorious for […]

A learning community

At this time of year, when kids all over the country are heading back to school and enrollment for fall semester is in full swing at UNM-Taos, I was reminded of a phrase from the mission statement of the UNM-Taos Literacy Center: “The Literacy Center considers education to be a basic human right throughout the […]

Kids in the crossfire

At least one school board member seems to be having a hard time getting a passing grade on the topic of the value and purpose of the dual credit program currently up for renewal by the board. As a result, in a recent meeting the school board felt obliged to put off authorizing the longstanding […]