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New testing center opens at UNM-Taos

During the groundbreaking ceremony October 2nd for the Student Success Center addition to Padre Martinez Hall on Klauer Campus, the college also held a ribbon cutting for the new Pearson Vue Testing Center. Now that it is up to speed, I asked Student Success Manager Diego Trujillo for an update as to the purpose of […]

New Student Orientation is a special event at UNM-Taos. It is the unofficial start of the spring semester and the first interaction between the institution and the latest arrivals. It provides the groundwork for a successful foray into higher education. On January 5 Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill had a few things to say to […]

The past is prologue

Another year has come and gone, and once again it’s time to reflect on how far we have come at UNM-Taos, and where we stand today. I grew up at a time when being able to accurately decode Roman numerals was thought to be an essential component of the grade school curriculum. Now it’s only […]

How do you spell success?

In the real world there is no such thing as perfection, and every institution can stand some improvement. Most of the time we measure our successes not by reaching our goals, if they are lofty ones, but by how close we come to meeting them. No one knows this better than Amie Chavez-Aguilar, Student Success […]

BBER weighs in

Don’t be confused. Babar is the king of the elephants in the well known children’s story. BBER (pronounced bee-burr) is the University of New Mexico’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research. They are very different. BBER has recently proposed to conduct an analysis of the supply and demand for housing in the Taos region. The […]

Commencement stories

TONYA M. VARGAS Tonya Vargas is a full time preschool teacher at UNM-Taos Kid’s Campus. March 15 she received her BS degree in Early Childhood Multicultural Education. It wasn’t a last minute decision. “I have wanted to be a teacher since about second grade,” she explained. “I would line up all my stuffed animals in […]

Passing it on

UNM-Taos classes for spring semester start in five days—January 20—and enrollment ends shortly thereafter. For those who are wondering whether they can get enough support to make their educational journey a productive one, here are a few of the ways UNM-Taos works to ensure student success. Kathleen Knoth, UNM-Taos Librarian, is offering Arts and Sciences […]

By the numbers

In the last UNM-Taos Report I talked about the enthusiasm expressed for the enrollment numbers that were rolling in, and how important it is for our college to keep those numbers up. Last fall they dropped slightly and our funding took a drop also, so there was some concern and a lot of commitment to […]

Enrollment looks good

The official enrollment numbers just came in for spring semester and they are up from 1,231 in 2007 to 1,255 in 2008. Total credit hours have not been tabulated yet, but it is expected that they, too, will be up by a point or two. Not exactly earthshaking news, but consider this: our UNM funding […]