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“Man, I should have stayed in school!”

Teaching is a noble profession. So is being a student. When everything is working right the symbiotic relationship between the two creates the ideal environment for the seeds of knowledge to grow. Jens Pursche is a UNM-Taos student who was just selected as one of 37 All-State Scholars in New Mexico. The four semesters of […]

UNM-Taos: A broader perspective

Daniela and Joshua Sisneros are an interesting couple. I met Daniela some years back when she was an administrative assistant while pursuing her associate’s degree at UNM-Taos, and I hadn’t met Joshua until a couple of weeks ago when they spent a few busy days in Taos checking in with friends and family. They had […]

Back to school: what a great time to do great things!

These days there is a discussion going on as to just how valuable a diploma, degree or certificate is in the real world. Once you graduate, will there be a job waiting for you? Can you afford the cost of higher education? Do you really have time to devote to furthering your education after the […]

Upward Bound at UNM-Taos

For a small, rural, underserved community to have its own community college has many obvious advantages. Non–traditional students who can’t afford to leave home can still improve work skills and expand their horizons while holding down a job or two and tending to multigenerational family responsibilities. Two year colleges have substantial payrolls for full time […]

The face of things to come

“I always love the start of the fall semester. You can feel the excitement in the air,” began Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill in our conversation last week about what the second half of the 2012 school year might hold for our community college. “Our enrollment numbers look strong and we are seeing a lot […]

Education: who needs it?

The beginning of the UNM-Taos 2011 Fall Semester is less than two weeks away, and classes are beginning to fill. If you are going to make this the year you retrain, sharpen old skills, begin a college career or pick up where you left off, don’t wait any longer. With steeply rising enrollment numbers over […]