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Exploring educational pathways

The Bridges Project for Education held its annual College Fair Saturday, September 27 in UNM-Taos’s Bataan Hall on Civic Plaza Drive. Every year UNM-Taos is a major participant, sending advisors and representatives to engage current students, potential students and the parents of students in a dialogue about higher education and the opportunities and advantages that […]

UNM-Taos offers an opportunity to engage

At UNM-Taos, our mission goes far beyond the classroom, and one of our most important responsibilities is to model best practices in support of the local economy. We do this in many ways, both directly and indirectly. A majority of our students receive state and federal financial aid, which gets distributed throughout the county, and […]

Skilled, caring people at the UNM-Taos library

Nineteen years ago, when just about the only practical use for a computer in a library was to track the location of books, Kathleen Knoth was already building the UNM-Taos library in a back room of the old Forest Service building on Civic Plaza Drive under the leadership of Executive Director Dr. Augustine Martinez. She […]

Setting the stage for the next ten years

On December 4, 2013, without fanfare or ceremony, UNM-Taos Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill and UNM-Taos Operations Director Mario Suazo stopped by the mayor’s office to get his signature on the lease/purchase option that clears the way for the community college to begin repurposing Rio Grande and Bataan Halls from a convention center facility to […]

“If I can do it, you can, too”

May 11 is graduation day at UNM-Taos—or, because it signifies the beginning of something just as much as it marks a completion, it might more appropriately be called a commencement ceremony. Executive Director Dr. Kate O’Neill says it is her favorite day of the year. Fully 210 students will cross the stage May 11, shaking […]