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It’s that time again

By Bill Knief

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It seems impossible, but Spring Semester 2010, which shuddered hesitantly to life on a bleak January snow day, is now coming to an end. The iris and tulips are up and taxes are due. UNM-Taos Graduation is less than a month away. The turkey vultures have left their winter quarters in Mexico for the big old Cottonwoods along Kit Carson Road, and the Summer and Fall UNM-Taos class schedules have just hit the streets—all sure signs that Spring is truly upon us.

You, along with 10,000 other Taos County citizens, will find your copy of the UNM-Taos Fall Schedule in this edition of the Taos News, and the Summer Schedule has sprung up in racks all over town. If you’re thinking you might like to take a class just for the fun of it—for the stimulation and sense of accomplishment—prowl through the schedules the way you would a hardware flier or grocery insert. Look for something useful, something delicious, or something you’ve always wanted but never got around to owning. Everything you see is a value you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re a serious student pursuing a certificate or associate’s degree, look closer. The new schedules will also help you with the process of applying for admission and registering for classes. They show you how to avoid the lines by going online. They walk you through financial aid and tell you how to meet with an advisor.

It may seem premature, but it’s not too early to get started. Enrollment for both Summer and Fall begins Monday, April 19, and the sooner you enroll, the better chance you have to get the classes you need.

Damon Montclare is a veteran advisor, and not surprisingly he has some advice: “Have your UNM ID with you when you come in to register and when you meet with an advisor. You should have gotten that along with your acceptance letter. Also, if you are in a degree program and want to take classes for credit, we’ll need an unofficial transcript from high school and any college credits you want to transfer. It is also helpful to have a degree sheet spelling out the requirements you’ll need to complete your certificate or degree. You can get them at the Arts building or Pueblo Hall on the Klauer campus, or at the Administration building on Civic Plaza Drive. Call us at 737-6200 with any questions. We also have work studies at the front desk at Pueblo Hall who can help new students get their Banner ID and get on Loboweb and set up an email account. And remember, the rush period is coming. That’s when registering online is really useful.”

Student Enrollment Director Patricia Gonzales wanted to remind students about their financial aid. “I would urge students to get started with your financial aid application. It can take several weeks for us to get the application back, and there are often additional requests; you may have the wrong social security number, or you have to mail in a signature page, and if you wait your aid may not be here by the time classes start.

“Also, this year, we are asking every student to turn in their old Lobo ID card for a new one. The old ones had your social security number encoded on the back, so we want to replace all of those. We are continuing to move toward a more online process, but we are here to assist you at every step of the way.”

“Coming in early is the key,” Student Success Director Amie Chavez-Aguilar said. “Every one of our services is out at Pueblo Hall (the brand new green building behind the Arts Building on the Klauer campus, 1157 County Rd. 110) now, so it is much easier for us to work together. But our enrollment has steadily increased for the past three semesters, so the only way you can be sure to reserve your spot is to register early.”


This Saturday, April 17, the UNM-Taos Library, in cooperation with the Southwest Research Center, is having their annual book sale. Come in to browse and buy behind the administration building at 115 Civic Plaza Drive from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To learn more call 737-6242 or 737-6229.

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