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The year in review

Thirteen year Taos resident Dr. Kate O’Neill came on board as acting director of UNM-Taos in 2006. On July 1, 2007, after a lengthy selection process, she took over as permanent executive director. I asked her to give a rundown of the year’s major events, and what she thought of the job so far. “It’s […]

A richer learning environment for everyone

One of UNM-Taos’s greatest strengths lies in the diversity and wide range of ages of its students. Not counting the four and five year olds about to be enrolled in the early childhood development program, a class can commonly accommodate students from eighteen years old to well into their eighties. We see young folks fresh […]

“The rest is just driving the truck”

Rumor had it that there were walls going up at the UNM-Taos Klauer campus on Monday, November 26, so the next day I braved the mud to go out and see what was going on. There I met Wes Klitzman, a soft spoken, affable man in a hard hat talking on his cell phone from […]

The Literacy Center

Literacy, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is a basic human right for children and adults, not a luxury reserved for those who can afford it. The Literacy Center (TLC) having just celebrated its new location on October 10 in the TCEDC complex on Salazar Road, aims to put this idea […]

A sustainable partnership

In an era of soaring energy prices, deteriorating environmental quality and rapidly vanishing resources, the need for clean, renewable energy is no longer a topic for serious debate; it’s a given. Nevertheless, it’s one thing to endorse the idea of renewable energy—and quite another to support it, fight for it and pay for it. That’s […]

Speaking of dreams

Thursday, October 11, on short notice, I was asked to go to a meeting for something called DREAM Act in the Taos High gym. I hadn’t planned to go, but the event was sponsored by UNM-Taos and a group called Somos Un Pueblo Unido, choreographed and produced by Taos High students themselves. It sounded interesting. […]

Building a community

It started with a vote of confidence. In 2001 the citizens of Taos County and the Enchanted Circle took an extraordinary step. They voted to tax themselves in order to support UNM-Taos and the expansion of Klauer campus. According to Campus Resource Director Dennis Cruz, it was the only tax of its kind in the […]

“Economic development begins with higher education”

When I came here in 1974 Taos didn’t have a community college, and it wasn’t until 2003 that UNM-Taos became a full fledged branch two-year school. Now, as an adjunct instructor and coordinator for the journalism program at UNM-Taos, I can see how UNM-Taos can—and must—play a major role in the lives of the citizens […]