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UNM-Taos: a branch with deep roots

UNM-Taos has been many things to many people over the past decade, since the New Mexico State Legislature granted us official status as a branch of the University of New Mexico in 2003. In that time many thousands of Northern New Mexico citizens have come through its doors—an estimated 3,000 this academic year alone—each with […]

Practical, applied education at UNM-Taos

In the interest of full disclosure, I have always had a personal fondness for Taos Local Television, ever since a few of us—Candyce O’Donnell, Gail Russell, Rose Rutherford, Rick Romancito, Kathy Cordova, George Chacon, Bob Romero and I, if I recall correctly—created a nonprofit corporation and formed the first TLT board of directors some thirty […]

The institutional effectiveness of UNM-Taos

Most of the staff at UNM-Taos wear more than one hat. Anita Bringas is the UNM-Taos Administrative Officer and the Title V Grant administrator. She handles data and institutional research for the branch and files reports to the state, the federal government, the Higher Education Department and the Public Education Department. In addition, she compiles […]