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Crossed paths

When you’ve been in Taos long enough, the surreal starts to become commonplace and the “norm” tends to expand to take in just about everything. After 75 UNM-Taos Reports, this phenomenon still surprises me. I am reminded of one day last summer when I was out at the UNM-Taos Klauer campus taking pictures of the […]

The fall semester is in full swing at UNM-Taos

Fall enrollment is now officially over at UNM-Taos, and we’re well into our fourth week of classes. The numbers are still coming in that give us an in-depth profile of our student body: their age, gender, ethnicity, career and academic goals, and many other factors that, when compared to previous years, tell us how we’re […]

First impressions of the fall

Fall enrollment at UNM-Taos is always a challenge. It takes a huge amount of coordinated effort to get 1,500 students through the process—put their transcripts in order, register, talk to an advisor, arrange for financial aid and sign up for classes. And although much of this can be accomplished online now, students are notorious for […]