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The Friends of UNM-Taos

I spent the better part of last Friday surrounded by community activists—not the self-styled ones that occasionally spew out hot gases and suffocating ash like an Icelandic volcano, but the genuine article: Taos citizens with a commitment to making a better future for us all. The event was the launching of The Friends of UNM-Taos, […]

It’s that time again

It seems impossible, but Spring Semester 2010, which shuddered hesitantly to life on a bleak January snow day, is now coming to an end. The iris and tulips are up and taxes are due. UNM-Taos Graduation is less than a month away. The turkey vultures have left their winter quarters in Mexico for the big […]

Food for thought

A snack bar. At first it seems like a relatively small item in the larger scheme of things. But, like the recent advent of free bus service to the Klauer campus, it has big implications for our community college. Jennifer Campbell, who already runs no less than three successful businesses in Taos— Mondo Kultur, Treat […]