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The Office of Educational Technology

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OET - Online

keyboardThis type of course has no physical classroom but simply exists online. You may choose to meet if physically possible one time for a required orientation at the beginning of the semester. Furthermore, you will need to choose a delivery format that is either synchronous or asynchronous. This is completely up to the discretion of the instructor unless there are department requirements.

Adaptive Release Tool    tutorial  

Adaptive release allows instructors and course designers to release course content based on rules that they create; in other words, you can control what content is made available to which students and under what conditions they are allowed to see it. Rules can be created for individuals or groups, based on criteria related to date, time, assessment scores or attempts, and the review status of other items in the course.


Mashups allow Instructors to add content to a Course that is from an external Web site. This content is used in a variety of ways within a Course: a standalone piece of Course Content, part of a test question, a topic on a Discussion Board, or as part of an assignment. The content displayed in a course will still reside on the external Web site.

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