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TRiO-SSS is located in Padre Martinez Hall, Suite 140, on the UNM-Taos Klauer Campus.

TRiO-SSS Staff

Avelina Martinez

Bella Rodriguez

Alexis Laube-Manigault

Vision of TRiO-SSS Mentoring Program:

    • The TRiO-SSS Peer Mentoring Program facilitates meaningful peer mentorships between incoming and second-year TRiO-SSS students. Second-year students serve as peer-mentors who use an equity and strengths-based approach to support first-year students with the skills necessary to independently navigate campus student resources, practice successful study habits, develop a sense of campus belonging and establish educational purpose.


    • Vision Statement: The TRiO-SSS Peer-Mentoring Program seeks to inspire local, rural students’ passion for educational and career success for the advancement of their families and Northern New Mexico communities.

If you are interested in being matched with a Peer-Mentor, apply through the link below!

For more information about the Peer-Mentor position, please click the links below

Peer-Mentoring is a unique and valuable learning experience

for both mentee and mentor.

•Connect and contribute to your campus community
•Develop leadership and mentoring skills
•Empower others to succeed
•Enrich your college experience
•Increase academic confidence
•Make new friends
•Take responsibility for your academic success
•Build a sense of campus belonging
•Master learning strategies
•Experience the satisfaction that comes from serving others
•Share experiences and insights with others

TRiO-SSS offers the following support for mentees and mentors:

•Relationship building strategies
•Activities and resources for mentors and mentees
•Social events for mentors and mentees
•Our on-campus TRiO-SSS study space for mentors and mentees to get to know each other!

Words from the Wise

Peer-Mentor Testimonials

“I enjoy helping others and I enjoy seeing others succeed with or without my help. Mentoring connects me to the UNM-Taos community and that alone is worth the effort that I put into being a mentor. As a “non-traditional” student I find it interesting that I have a lot in common with the younger students. I feel that with my life experiences, I have a lot to offer as a peer mentor. I enjoy leading by example and i am trying to set the best example that I can”.—Kraig

“Being a peer mentor was such an incredible experience. As a peer mentor I was able to watch my peers discover that all of the tools and skills they need to achieve success have been within them all this time, they just needed to discover it. The peer mentoring program broadened my experience and involvement on campus as well as made me grow as a person. I not only shared my tips on how I’ve found success but also learned tips from my mentees that have been extremely beneficial. I’ve always enjoyed helping others but in the end my mentees helped me just as much as I helped them”. — Jasmine

Mentee Testimonials

“This is my second semester at UNM-Taos and I was pleased to discover that, even though I had to change my peer mentor from the previous semester, the support that I needed was still the same.  I have had a wonderful time getting to know the caring, supportive people who have been my peer mentors since I started college.  They have helped me when I struggled. I am now inspired to dedicate my own time and support to future mentees as a TRiO-SSS peer mentor in the upcoming school year”. —Julia

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To learn more about program requirements contact:

Alexis Laube-Manigault, Peer-Mentoring Coordinator

TRiO-Student Support Services Phone: 575-737-3776