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Where To Find Us

TRiO-SSS is located in Padre Martinez Hall, Suite 140, on the UNM-Taos Klauer Campus.

TRiO-SSS Staff

Avelina Martinez

Bella Rodriguez

Alexis Laube-Manigault

Why Join TRiO-SSS?


Each TRiO-SSS advisor has a small student caseload. We can spend time with you to explore your academic and career goals. Same day academic advisement appointments available

Assistance Applying for Scholarships 

We award $20,000 in TRiO-SSS Grant Aid each academic year. We also help students apply for numerous local and regional scholarships.

Campus Visits to 4-Year Universities

We will explore your transfer options and cover all expenses for campus visits. We will guide you through the process as you prepare to transfer.

Financial Literacy, Skill Development & Career Readiness

We engage participants in a student centered environment to assist in the learning of strategies to navigate college more skillfully and reach degree completion.

Achieve Success with TRiO-SSS

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Phone: 575-737-3776

Let’s Work Together!

Like to Know More? Attend a TRiO Works! Seminar to learn how we can help you meet your college graduation goals! We will work together to complete your TRIO-SSS application. Attending a seminar and application is required to join. All seminars will be held in the TRiO Conference Room in Padre Martinez SSC at Klauer.

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