Taos Education & Career Center

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Physical Address:
115 Civic Plaza Dr., Taos, NM 87571

Mailing Address:
1157 County Road 110, Ranchos de Taos, NM  87557

Math 1: Pre-Algebra (operations with whole numbers and decimal numbers, fractions, measurement, elements of geometry, word problems)

Math 2: Introduction to Algebra (ratios, proportions, percents, integers, formulas, graphing, geometry, systems of equations, probability, exponents and polynomials, factoring, linear equations. Application of math in everyday careers)

Math 3: Intermediate Algebra (linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, exponents, radicals, fractional expressions and equations, quadratic equations, advanced geometric principles.

Language Arts 1: Reading and Writing Fundamentals (elements of style, paragraph structure, genres, computer-based research, presentation skills, career exploration)

Language Arts 2/3: Reading and Writing for College and Careers (critical thinking skills needed to read and analyze a variety of genres, find evidence in text to support claims, write persuasive and compare/contrast essays, feedback and editing process, career exploration and research)

Social Studies 2/3: Intro to U.S. and World History (central themes and key events in U.S. History 1500s to Modern Day, times of peace and conflict in World History, cultural understanding and introduction to anthropological studies)

Scientific Principles 2/3: Intro to Biology, Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry (overview of western scientific process, basics of cell and animal biology, basics of earth and space science, key concepts in chemistry and physics)

Weekly Workshop for Success in College and Careers (Professionalism and Life skills, resume building, job shadowing, career exploration and research, college prep)

Intro to Computer Basics (Word and Excel. Emailing. Internet research)

One on One (tutoring for basic literacy skills)