Registration is a breeze with UNM-Taos admissions team

Registration is a breeze with UNM-Taos admissions team

by Mandy Sotelo

If you’re thinking about pursuing a college education, you already have everything you need to take the first step. Registration officially begins Nov. 11 for the Spring 2020 semester, but it’s never too early to start the process, even if you don’t expect to start classes that soon.

“Our doors are open for walk-ins who just want to explore the idea,” said Admissions Officer Bayley Byers. “Let’s start that conversation, even if you’re not ready in spring.”

The Student Services Center is located in Padre Martinez Hall on the Klauer Campus. There you’ll find the friendly professionals who will guide you through the journey to UNM-Taos studenthood.

There are four steps along the way: Admissions, Financial Aid, Placement, and Academic Advising, with a “warm handoff” from one step to the next, according to Student Affairs Director Patricia Gonzales. “The officer you work with in one phase introduces you to the next one, and there’s a checklist system to make sure there are no gaps so that your whole process goes smoothly,” Gonzales said. “The beauty of UNMTaos is we’ve always been able to provide that personal service to our students.”

Your Admissions officer will help you get your application together, including supporting documentation. This is also where you’ll set up your student login credentials and receive your Lobo ID card. A Financial Aid officer then provides assistance with the Free Application Form for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other sources of aid such as Veterans Education Benefits and work-study opportunities. Basic financial aid assistance is available here to anyone who needs it. “We recognize not everyone is going to UNM,” said Financial Aid Officer Christal Martinez. “We’re happy to help with FAFSA, wherever you’re planning on going.”

The Placement phase is where you’ll determine your math and English levels for placement in the appropriate classes. Your Academic Advisor will then help you create your educational plan and schedule, and assist you with online registration.

The 2020 Spring Semester begins Jan. 20 and ends May 16.