Outstanding UNM Taos TRiO-SSS Graduate!

Outstanding UNM Taos TRiO-SSS Graduate!

Gina Cordova graduated with both her Certificate in Human Services and an Associate of Liberal Arts from UNM-Taos. Gina successfully transferred to New Mexico Highlands University in Fall 2016 and is pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work.

Gina’s long-term goal is to earn a Master of Arts in Social Work and have a career serving youth and families as a social worker. Gina has persevered thru adversity to not only accomplish her goals in the classroom but also as a mother and community member. While at UNM-Taos, Gina held a leadership position in Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society for community college students, and under her leadership PTK implemented a clothing drive to provide resources to families in need. Gina is working toward her academic goals while becoming a change agent in her community.

Gina’s hard work in and out of the classroom was rewarded as she earned the MANA del Norte Scholarship and PTK NM All-State Academic Team Scholarship. ¡Felicidades Gina! We are proud of you!

We are all a part of TRiO New Mexico. TRiO is well represented on the UNM-Taos campus, and throughout the latest newsletter. Please view the newsletter to learn about the exceptional opportunities TRiO provides to all New Mexico students.

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