News from the Executive Director

News from the Executive Director

Dear UNM-Taos Campus Community,

Welcome back for the Spring 2016 semester! I hope you are enjoying the winter weather and are ready to launch into your classes.


A line of poetry from Emily Dickinson declares, “Hope is the thing with feathers.” As I mentioned at our Spring Faculty Orientation, as educators and students, our primary purpose is to instill hope.


Yes, we learn, we gain skills, we develop friendships during our time at UNM-Taos. But we are really here to fulfill our potential as human beings. The true embodiment of this potential resides somewhere

between achieving our goals and striving to hold up a vision of a better world for ourselves, our children and our communities. We are guided in these endeavors by the North Star of Learning, knowing that we will

never quite reach the stars we can so vividly perceive.

Although we may not reach the stars, we have reached quite a lot of milestones over the past semester, and look forward to more progress in 2016.


Fall 2015 Benchmarks:

 Moved into renovated Padre Martinez Student Services Center.

 Department of Instruction moved to Pueblo Hall West.

 CASA and Library moved to Pueblo Hall East.

 Opened new Math Lab

 Completed successful UNM-Taos/SMU-in-Taos Fall Lecture Series on regional history.

 Broke ground on extensive renovations to the former Taos Convention Center on Civic Plaza Drive


Spring 2016 News and Plans

 Congratulations to Gina Cordova and Denise Lopez, UNM-Taos recipients of the All-State Community College Scholarship. They will be honored at a recognition ceremony at the New Mexico State Capitol on February 4, 2016.

 We welcome both new and familiar faces staffing the new Trio SSS program: Avelina Martinez, Bella Perez, and Pamela Shepherd.

 Workforce programs continue to thrive under the leadership of Victoria Gonzales, particularly through the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training led by Max Kaufman. UNM-Taos now has our very own truck, and 30 people have graduated with Class A CDL credentials.

 Work has begun on landscaping, drainage and wayfinding projects at Klauer Campus. From the new portal on the front of Fred Peralta Hall to the new sidewalks connecting Pueblo Hall to Padre Martinez Hall, the campus will soon be much easier to navigate.

 Landscaping at Klauer will include tables with umbrellas, mramadas, and other shade structures to make it a more friendly outdoor environment for social gatherings, studying and taking in the gorgeous scenery.

 In 2014 Jeremy McDonnell chaired a selection committee for UNM-Taos to choose work for the One Percent for the Arts in Public Places acquisitions for the college. The committee was comprised of students, faculty, staff and community members.

More than two dozen works were chosen through a process that involved main campus and the New Mexico Cultural Affairs Department, competing against every other entity in the state that wanted to acquire pieces from the One Percent for the Arts pool.

Look for additional works of art installed throughout the college. Special thanks to Jim Pollard for his expertise and patience in putting together the installations.

 Over the coming year you will see more wayfinding indicators and maps on campus as we install signage made in compliance with the graphics standards set by main campus.

 On May 13, please plan to attend our Commencement Ceremonies at the Sagebrush Inn and Convention Center honoring our 2016 graduates.


As we round the corner of summer into Fall 2016, we will launch the new Health Sciences Center at the former Rio Grande Hall, as well as the Business and Media Center in Bataan Hall.

Watch for more updates on this exciting initiative that will incorporate the Small Business Development Center, Taos Entrepreneurial Network, and related workforce programs.


To conclude, may you find hope in your endeavors, spirit in your learning, and joy in being part of this college community.

All Best for a successful 2016 Spring Semester!

Dr. Kate O’Neill , CEO, UNM-Taos

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