Natural Resources Program Spring 2019 Newsletter

Natural Resources Program Spring 2019 Newsletter

Building on Our Success!

The CCC has come a long way from our start in fall 2014. I

remember having to talk my way into offices to promote our

students and look for internship and job opportunities. Now,

the phone rings because our partners have jobs for our

students. In fact, we have 100% job placeme nt of program

graduates! I remember having to ask all around to find

enough students to fill a new fall cohort. Now, the emails

roll in from people who’d like to join the CCC. Best of all,

UNM-Taos has officially created a new program in Natural

Resources Management due to the success of the CCC and

its popularity among students.

As the USDA grant ($1 million) that supported the CCC

wraps up, it’s time to build on our program success and keep

the momentum going. Taos is surrounded by public land and

it’s not just the locals who love our mountains, canyons,

rivers, and wildlife. We are in the right location to grow as a

regional hub for students of all ages to launch their careers in

Natural Resources Management. We’ve hit on something

good and through the hard work and cooperation of so many

people, we are growing a program that serves our community

and leads to good jobs locally and far beyond. Thanks for all

your support! –Dr. Brooke Zanetell, Program Director

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