Miriam Garay Foronda

Miriam Foronda

Miriam Garay Foronda

Adjunct Faculty

Miriam Garay Foronda, MA

Miriam Garay Foronda’s family ancestry is from Honduras, Central America. She was born and raised in New York City, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the City University of New York. As long as she can remember she had the gift of healing through her hands or channeling.  However, as a child and young adult she was told that these gifts were evil.  In 1984, she received a spiritual calling through a sweat lodge ceremony facilitated by Uncle Charlie Thom of the Karuk tribe in Mt. Shasta.  From there her life as she knew it changed.  Miriam’s first visit to New Mexico was in 1987 to do ceremony for the Harmonic Convergence.  Then is 1989 she visited Taos, New Mexico for the San Geronimo Feast day.  Miriam describes this day as “On this day God called me to move to Taos.  My new life began on August 31, 1989 when I moved to Taos.  Here I raised my two younger children. When they went off to college, I too decided enter the Master’s degree program in Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. At that time my mentor asked me to teach the Sacred Ceremony class at UNM-Taos.  My Master’s thesis evolved from this class and from my own spiritual developmental path.  When I completed the Master’s degree there was an urgency to continue my education which led me to enter the doctoral program at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  From here I will receive a PhD in Transformative Studies.”

“Over the years my spiritual path has led me to become a ceremonialist in facilitating sweat lodges, vision quests, water blessings and healing ceremonies.  Through my own spiritual development I have a great interest in how others spiritual development leads them to their self-authorship and authenticity. This is my passion.  My commitment to be of service to others by the will of God is how I live my life.”