Dr. Angelika Maria Koch

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch, DNM, LCH, H.N.H.Ir

Dr. Angelika Maria Koch is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Health Consultant and the owner of MEDICA NOVA, Practice for Integrated & Educational Medicine. For over three decades in her clinical practice, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch has synthesized and applied a unique blend of effective, cutting-edge therapeutic tools in an innovative and holistic approach for her patients’ well-being. Utilizing in-depth classical homeopathy, iridology, sclerology, systemic herbology, cellular biology, advanced biofeedback, and depth psychology, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch passionately continues her deepening exploration of holistic treatments for this complex and unfolding New World. Her extensive international training and education was acquired in England and the United States.

As an adjunct professor, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch teaches at the University of New Mexico in Taos. She is the author of her award-winning book THE DANCE OF YOUR CORE HEALING, Transforming Your Mind, Body & Soul in the New World and also publishes monthly free newsletters which are available on her website (www.medicanova.net) via subscription and public social media.

Dr. Koch’s classes include: HHHA – Holistic Health & Healing Arts/Introduction to Homeopathy – 16-week; Credits 3 and Bachelor & Graduate Program/Thriving With Homeopathy – 16 week; Credits 3 and Being & Living Quantum Healing – 16 week; Credits 3