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Library Newsletter

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YOUR Library is getting a “facelift”—both a physical facelift and a virtual one. After the summer semester ends on July 26th, YOUR Library will be completely emptied so they can apply a fresh coat of paint and put in new carpet. We’re so looking forward to starting the Fall semester with a fresh new look, and to assist you with a smiles on our faces. 

We will be providing Library services during this transition time—July 29-August 9—but you may find us in a different corner of Pueblo Hall East. And, of course, we will be responding to e-mails and phone calls. 

YOUR Library’s virtual “facelift” comes in the form of a new and improved website, and online tools. We continue to update and increase online resources that are available 24/7 so we want to also make sure you can access them, and take advantage of them. Over the next month or so we will be rolling out a new look to YOUR Library page, and will communicate the links to videos and pages that can help you navigate the information world. Please see the last page of the newsletter for a glimpse of what’s to come. As some of you may remember, YOUR Library conducts a Patron Satisfaction Survey at the end of each semester. We value the feedback we get and use that to continue to grow and improve services. The ongoing theme has been that our patrons have been requesting more space—study space, quiet space, space for more collections, group study space. We have tried to get creative over the years such as developing a map of all of the possible study spaces around campus since there isn’t that room in the actual library but have been told there are still too many distractions. 

A couple of comments made on the survey include, “My main issue with UNM-Taos Library is the little to no space available. From not being able to have study groups, to the limited books because of space.” Another stated, “If there is ever a vote for funding to expand the size of the library to include TRUE quiet space for study I would vote for it in a heartbeat.” We want you to know that we have been listening, and we are doing everything we can to remedy this situation. 

Lastly, those of you who participated in the Patron Satisfaction Survey might remember the question asking where the top 3 preferred locations to conduct research might be. The top answers were “at home” and a place where there is “free WiFi internet access”. Again, in listening to our patrons we have now expanded the number of WiFi hotspots that you can check out from YOUR college library. Thanks to a partnership with Victoria Santistevan-Gonzales, and funds from the Title V CUMBRES grant, we now have five more JetPacks for patron use. CUMBRES is an acronym for “Communities Uniting to Model and Build Rural Entrepreneurial Success.” So, now you can check out a laptop and WiFi hotspot to do your homework or research anywhere that is most convenient to YOU. 

Keep in mind that registration for Fall classes is open and the MBS online bookstore is available so let us know if we can assist you in any way to prepare for the next chapter in your academic experience. 

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