Our Programs

The Integrative Health and Medical Massage is the academic area of study for two certificate programs here at UNM-Taos, Holistic Health and Healing Arts and Integrative Massage Therapy.

Both certificates lead to fields in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and the Healing Arts.

Student who enroll in our programs may choose one or both depending on their career goals.

Our programs are affordable and offer high quality professional education and training.

We have 17 faculty with varied and rich backgrounds teaching in the fields of Reiki, Yoga, Homeopathy, Tai Chi, Meditation, Healing Arts and Massage.

``Leave your shoes and your ego at the door.``

Graduate Daniel Eagle responding to “What is the best advice you can give incoming students.”


Entering into the field of Integrative Health is a rewarding and self-healing experience. Some students choose this field as a way of self – exploration and healing, in order to gain tools for self-care through yoga, meditation and qi gong. Others are seeking specific licensure and career pathways in CAM and medical massage.

Either way you will find your self, growing and exploring in an amazing field that combines evidence-based research, experiential learning, building relationships and community, helping others while discovering one’s self.

As graduate Nikki Rodriquez of HHHA and massage stated “The greatest gift in attending massage school was being able to find myself. This journey opened up parts of me that I had closed for so many years. It also opened up parts of me that I never knew existed. Massage school gave me the gift of giving back. ”

Irina Sels a graduate of the massage program stated “To love what I am doing on a daily basis, to feel I have an endless field to explore, to help people alleviate pain, discomfort or that you simply make them feel good and happy, to discover my gifts and purpose.”


Our faculty are here to help you on the pathway to Integrative Health and Medical Massage.

Kirstie Segarra 
Chair of Integrative Health & Medical Massage for Massage Program at (575) 737-3741 or ksegarra@unm.edu

Amber Burke
Term Teacher for Holistic Health and Healing Arts concentration at amberburke@unm.edu

Robert Stewart
Yoga Teacher Training concentration at rstewart2@unm.edu