Fall 2017

Important Dates
Registration Begins April 17, Monday
New Student Orientation August 16, Wednesday
Faculty Orientation August 19, Saturday
Last Day to report removal of Incomplete December 15, Friday
Enrollment Cancellation for non-payment
September 1, Monday
Instruction Begins
Full Term (16-Week)  August 21, Monday
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week)  August 21, Monday
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week)  October 16, Monday
Last Day to DROP without “W” grade and 100% tuition refund on LoboWEB
Full Term (16-Week) September 8, Friday
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week) September 1, Friday
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week) October 27, Friday
Registration ends-last day to add courses or change sections
Full Term (16-Week)

September 1, Friday

First-Half Term (1st 8-Week)

August 25, Friday

Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week)

October 20, Friday

Last Day to Change Grading Option with Form
Full Term (16-Week) December 8, Friday
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week)  October 13, Friday
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week)  December 8, Friday
No Classes/Campus Closed
 Labor Day Holiday NO CLASSES  September 4, Monday
 Fall Break NO CLASSES/Campus Open  October 12-13, Thursday-Friday
 Thanksgiving Holiday NO CLASSES/Campus Closed November 23-26, Thursday-Friday
Last Day to DROP Without Dean’s Permission on LoboWEB
Full Term (16-Week) November 10, Friday
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week) October 13, Friday
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week) December 8, Friday
Last Day to DROP with Dean’s Permission with form
Full Term (16-Week)
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week)
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week)
Semester Ends
Full Term (16-Week)  December 16, Saturday
First-Half Term (1st 8-Week)  October 14, Saturday
Second-Half Term (2nd 8-Week)  December 16, Saturday
Winter Break
 No Classes/Campus Closed  December 22-January 1

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to add/drop courses by the published deadlines could affect your Financial Aid Award.

Please see the Financial Aid Office before processing any add/drop transactions after the published deadlines.