Gigi Gatewood Show Held Over at the Atrium Gallery

Gigi Gatewood Show Held Over at the Atrium Gallery

A subtle show with powerful impact has been held over at the Atrium Gallery in the UNM-Taos art building on Klauer Campus. It is a mixture of photographs from 2 bodies of work by William J. Fulbright Fellow Gigi Gatewood dealing with the spiritual landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

“Everywhere I turn, objects, places and even people are imbued with meaning,” Gatewood maintains. “We as humans take comfort in connecting with our environment, and there is power in that.”

“The work speaks to how we as a culture infuse meaning into space, objects and even people from a spiritual point of view,” Sarah Stolar, UNM-Taos art program director and a close friend of Gatewood since graduate school, observed. “At first glance the subject matter may not seem out of the ordinary, but at the same time the work is very sophisticated, with its strong interest in structure, composition and texture.”

Gary Cook, longtime UNM-Taos art instructor and former art program director, sees a painterly aspect to the photographs. “Her skill with composition is just so beautiful, and her textures so strong—that’s what makes it interesting. They’re all about life force, you might say. They are life affirming.”

The Gigi Gatewood show will be on display through mid-October.

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