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The UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts (DMA) program offers a solid foundation in technology, a rich creative background in the arts, and the communication skills necessary to get jobs and collaborate with professionals. During your two-year program you will create you own films, radio shows, animations and media projects. The team model of our program will create new friends and an opportunity to work collaboratively on a wide range of multi-media projects including your own graduation party and screenings of two years worth of work.

Students completing a program in Digital Media Arts (DMA) develop the skills to pursue careers in graphic design, publishing, advertising, web production, film, animation/3D modeling, television, gaming, interior design, industrial design, and augmented reality.

The DMA Design track of the program is designed to be transfer-ready for the 4-year program at UNM Main Campus Bachelors of Media Arts Program. Concentration courses are almost entirely transferable.

UNM Taos Digital Media Arts students will have access to Cameras, Lights, Sound Gear, Professional Editing Software, Computer Studio, and the Green Screen Production Hub.  There will also be weekly opportunities to meet professionals in the film and media industry. As a student you will have opportunities to intern on professional music video shoots, adventure films, animation projects, radio shows, promotional videos for businesses, documentaries on current topics such as water, land, culture, music and art.


A degree in digital media gives you several career options in different industries. Digital media majors often work in the motion picture and video industries to create special effects, visual images and audio. You may also work for computer software companies and make web sites, animations or video game designs. Others find work in the government or education industries. Common employers include advertising agencies, animation firms, graphic design studios, newspapers, magazines, museums and interactive media design firms.

Your skills will enable you to hold various types of positions within these companies, according to your interests and career goals. Some of the job titles you could qualify for include game designer, animator, sound producer, digital illustrator, graphic designer, animation engineer, presentation artist and art director. If you’re interested in education, you may pursue a teaching position at a trade or technical school, your job might entail creating 3-dimensional imagery and animation for a wide variety of purposes including car or spaceship design! New job titles emerge daily as the digital media field expands exponentially with breakthroughs in technology.



Get your Associates in 2 years! That is only four semesters with eight “action-packed” media courses. As a part of this team, making multi-media projects you will quickly realize how fun a college education can be!

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DMA 102 – Foundations of Digital Media

MA 210 – Introduction to Film Studies



MA 111 – Intro to Video Production

MA 212 – Beyond Hollywood



MA 216 – Animation and After Effects

IFDM 105L – Intro to Film and Digital Media



DMA 270 – Portfolio and Media Career

MA 110 – Intro to Mass Communication

CORE CLASSES (37 Credits)

Writing and Speaking (9 Credits)

  • ENGL 101
  • ENGL 102
  • CJ 130 or ENGL 219, or ENGL 220

Math (3-4 Credits)

Select one course from the UNM Core Curriculum, one of which must include a lab.

Physical and Natural Sciences (7 Credits)

Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum, one of which must include a lab.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 Credits)

Humanities (6 Credits)

Select two courses from UNM Core Curriculum in Humanities. An additional upper division humanities course is required by ASM.

Fine Arts (3 Credits)

Select one course from ARTH 101, ARTH 201, ARTH 202

Foreign Language (3 Credits)


Use your new and exciting networks to get free-lance media jobs upon graduation or step up to the next level and go for your Bachelors Degree in Media Arts at the UNM Main campus. We STRONGLY believe in the power of college education for opening doors and creating life long opportunities for exciting and well-paid jobs. Come sign up with us today so you can be a proud graduate in 2019!! Make movies, be a media professional, travel the world. Here is your opportunity to grow and shine!