September 4, 2020 COVID-19 Update  
August 5, 2020 Reopening Plan  
July 20, 2020 Reopening Plan  
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March 19, 2020 Announcement  
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Remote Student Services

A list of important student services and hours of limited operations are listed below: 

UNM Taos Academic Advisement and the TRiO-SSS Program have implemented the following precautionary measures to ensure the health of our staff and students: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all student appointments will now be conducted via phone, Skype chat or Zoom video.  

When e-mailing for an appointment please specify if you would like the appointment to be via phone, Skype chat or Zoom Video.   

  • In your e-mail request for an appointment: 
  • Please provide 2-3 dates and times you are available.  We will e-mail an appointment confirmation. 
  • Provide appointment preference: phone, Skype chat (UNM account) or Zoom video  
  • Please provide your phone number if you would like a phone appointment.   
  • Include your Banner ID 
  • Always feel free to e-mail any questions as we may be able to answer and resolve concerns via e-mail. 


Students send an e-mail to taosadvise@unm.edu to schedule an advisement appointment. 

TRiO-SSS Students send an e-mail to taostrio@unm.edu to schedule an advisement appointment. 

Credit card payments can be made online via LoboWeb. Check payments may be mailed to UNM-Taos Cashier’s Office, 1157 County Road 110, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557.

Contact: Thomas Duran tlduran@unm.edu

Due to Covid-19, the UNM-Taos family is doing everything possible to keep us all safe.  Social distancing and limiting travel is recommended by the CDC to bring the infection curve down.  That being said I would like to make you aware of the following changes being implemented out of an abundance of caution. 


  • Career Services will not be making any face to face appointments for the next 6 weeks 
  • Please communicate via email, phone and text with Career Services to set up an appointment 
  • Appointments/meetings will be conducted electronically by FaceTime, Skype, Zoom (and other methods as appropriate). 
  • Kindly send your resume/cover letter by email to begin working with career services. 
  • Remote hours of operation shall be Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm 


Of course, this is subject to change as we are getting new information continuously.  Please continue to monitor your lobomail! 


Lastly, please be safe during this trying time.  I look forward to seeing you all on campus again soon. 

Cynthia P. Lentini, Career Development Facilitator 



575.770.6766 (cell) 

All CASA services are now online!  

CASA inclusive of the Mathematics Learning Lab (MaLL), Writing Studio, Tutoring, and Accessibility Resource Center has moved online. If you are a student, email Amber Gordon at gordona@unm.edu or 575-737-3773 to be enrolled.  

FREE ONLINE ALL SUBJECT TUTORING: Net Tutor, an online tutoring service in all subjects, is available to all of our students by visiting our Online Tutoring page on our web site at http://taos.unm.edu/home/casa/online-tutoring/  

TESTING: Our Testing Center is temporarily closed. Please contact your instructor to schedule your tests with them. Please contact Amber Gordon at gordona@unm.edu or 575-737-3773 with questions or concerns about testing. She will assist you in connecting to your instructors for an exam or any other academic support service that CASA offers.  

Due to limited UNM-Taos campus operations resulting from the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency, the UNM-Taos Development Office staff is working remotely and will be available for phone or email contact only. For any fundraising, donations, donor relations, endowment or grant funding issues or questions, please e-mail the Development Director, Louis Moya, directly at moya@unm.edu, or call (575)7797350. 

YOUR Library staff will continue to support your research and homework needs, and access to resources during this time of transition. There is 24/7 access using YOUR Library website at <taoslibrary.unm.edu>. Also, Library staff will be available by phone and e-mail during normal business hours. Call 575-737-6242 and leave a message, or e-mail <unmtlib@unm.edu>. For direct access to Library staff:  Kathleen Knoth (kathk@unm.eduor Dave Mansfield (dmansfield@unm.edu). We have an outdoor return box located right outside the Library door if you wish to return your library items. All items currently checked out have been renewed until April 6thThe interlibrary loan service will be available for articles only at this time. E-mail your request, or fill out the form online on the Library website.  

All staff, including Admissions Officers and Financial Aid Officers, are working remotely. Phone and e-mail appointments are available. Please e-mail your Admissions and Financial Aid Officers directly or for general inquiries, email unmtaosadmissions@unm.edu or  finaidtaos@unm.edu.  For more information, call (575)737-6215.

While our physical building is closed, we are still open and available to serve students online, or via phone and email. We are enrolling new students.  

In addition to classes and tutoring, we are also here to support students with basic needs- food, concerns, or questions about health and safety during these times. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have. We may not have all the answers, but we will do our best to help connect you to resources.  

For those who are in need of technology, please contact us via phone. We can provide take-home, paper-based formats if needed in certain students.  

If you need access to technology, or have any concerns, questions, or needs.  Call 575-737-3730 or email kshipp@unm.edu. 

Veterans Upward Bound continues to serve VUB students in all six counties with advising by phonetext, email and Skype.  Students can continue to access all of their online instructional programs and resources.  A VUB Advisor is available to troubleshoot the online programs as needed.  We encourage current and potential students or other agencies to call or email about remote service options before stopping by the Albuquerque or Taos offices.   

1-855-357-3725     http://taos.unm.edu/veteransupwardbound/  

Leonard Shephard               lshephard1@unm.edu            575-377-5355 

Kelly Fitzpatrick               kfitzpatrick@unm.edu      575-737-3725 

Brandy Corry                Brandy@unm.edu                    575-737-3722 


Your SBDC at UNM-Taos is open and available virtually by phone, email, and videoconferencing. We are working around the clock to help entrepreneurs and businesses address challenges, connect with resources, and implement disaster preparedness response plans. Disaster assistance programs at the federal and state level, available to both businesses and sole-proprietors, have come online in the last week and we are assisting clients with those applications.  Visit http://www.nmsbdc.org/taos.aspx or email Anwar Kaelin at anwar@unm.edu


If you have technology needs or questions, please use the email below to create a ticket. If you need information relating to UNM-Taos press releases or design and promotional support, contact BCAM. 

Information Technology (IT)taoshelp@unm.edu
Branch Communications & Marketing (BCAM)askbcam@unm.edu
Student Affairsunmtaosadmissions@unm.edu
Financial Aidfinaidtaos@unm.edu