Celebrating Earth Day 2017

Celebrating Earth Day 2017

Tree dedication by Dr. Marty Hewlett, Interim CEO


From this location on our campus you can get a great view of our home. And by “home” I don’t mean the town of Taos, or Taos Valley, or Taos County.  I mean this planet.


I’m a biologist. My field is the study of life, and as far as we know, this is the only place in the universe where we can say that life exists. So this is a wonderful piece of our universe to look at.


Take a big, deep breath and then let it out.  You just breathed in what our new trees are offering. Five wonderful trees that are adding to the ecosystem what we need to survive: oxygen. And inside of those little green needles are these wonderful molecules called chlorophyll that are converting water into oxygen, and in the process capturing carbon dioxide from the air and converting it into sugars that our bodies require.


There is nothing that you do in your life that doesn’t depend on plants, for both the oxygen that you breathe as well as the organic structures that make up your body. We’ve co-evolved with them over the millions of years that we have been together on this planet.


That’s what Earth Day is really about; it’s a celebration of our home. It’s precious to us, and it’s something to cherish.

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