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Victoria S. Gonzales

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Career Services

Phone: (575) 737-3770

Email: vsg@unm.edu

Career Advisement

Our office provides career advisement to current and potential UNM-Taos students and alumni. Advisement will also be available to assist distance learners with career exploration and planning.


Working with a Career Counselor


Setting Expectations

What can I expect from a career counseling meeting?


Whether you are just beginning your studies at UNM-Taos or preparing to graduate, a career counselor will help you develop strategies for your job search. They will help you identify work-related values and interest, as well as assess your unique skills and guide you through decision-making to set realistic career goals. Career planning involves many steps. A career counselor will not make decisions for you. Instead, will help you create focused options and develop a realistic plan. It is ultimately up to you to research and take ownership of your career choice and job search. The career counselor is your partner in refining your career plans and developing your job search skills.


Career Interest Assessments

Career Assessments will identify potential careers based on your interests, values, skills and personality. An assessment provides insights into your preferences and personality traits to help guide your search process.

  • SuperStrong Interest Inventory
  • O*NET Online


Job Search

We will work with you to develop a resume, search job opportunities, prepare for interviews, and negotiate jobs offers. Whether you are looking for a part-time job, an internship, or a full-time position, we want to help you reach your career goal.


Majors & Careers


Our office along with our Academic Advisors will assist you in discovering your career path and course of study here at UNM-Taos.


Degrees  and Certificates                               icon-round-idea-bulb        

Associate of Arts (AA)

·       Early Childhood Multicultural Education

·       Fine Art

·       Liberal Arts

·       Pre-Business Administration

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

Nursing-ADN-RN Nursing Program

Associate of Science (AS)

·       Education

·       Pre-Science

·       Emergency Medical Services

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

·       General Studies

·       Digital Media Arts (DMA)

·       Office Business Technology

·       Applied Arts and Crafts

·       Business Computers

·       Construction Technology

·       Culinary Arts

·       Dental Assisting

·       Commercial Driver’s License

·       Digital Graphic Design

·       Information Technology

·       Integrative Massage Therapy

·       Holistic Health And Healing Arts

·       Human Services

·       Woodworking

·       Hospitality Management


Job Interview Preparation

A mock interview allows you to gain experience and practice your interviewing skills while being coached by our Career Development Facilitator.


Resume & Cover Letter Assistance

Resumes and cover letters are marketing tools that summarize and highlight your experience, skills, accomplishments, and abilities. We will assist you in creating, updating, or revising resumes and cover letters.


Resumes and cover letter are used for:

  • Jobs
  • Internships/cooperative education
  • Scholarship applications


Career Resources Lab

Visit our Career Services’ Resource Lab equipped with twelve computer workstations designed to support your career development process and job search needs.


Presentations & Workshops

Career Services organizes a variety of professional development presentations and workshops throughout the academic year. Presentations on career topics can be requested by students, staff, and faculty.


Career Fairs & Events
Career Services will host two career fairs each year, which provide opportunities to job search, develop interview skills, network with employers, learn about employment opportunities and get a glimpse of current and future job markets.


What’s Your Career Plan?

ΠWho am I?


 What Are My Options?

Explore & Research Careers

·      Dreams

·      Interests

·      Skills/Abilities

·      Values

·      Lifestyle

·      Motivations

·      Majors

·      Occupations

·      Outlook/Salary

·      Work Environment

·      Employers

·      Mock Interviews

Ž How Do I Get There?

Plan of Action

 How Do I Choose?

Goal Setting

·      Start Your Classes at UNM-Taos

·      Job Search Skills

·      Resume & Cover Letter Writing

·      Interviewing

·      Networking

·      Employment Letters

·      Accepting a Job

·      Compare Pros & Cons

·      Decision Making

·      Clarify Goals

·      Reality Testing

·      Evaluate Goals

·      Internship/Volunteer

·      On-The-Job Training/Employment





  1. What services does UNM-Taos Career Services provide?

Career Services offers services to students, alumni, faculty, staff and prospective students. We assist with all phases of career development; from providing career assessments, resume and cover letter writing assistance, mock interviews, career fairs, and on-site recruiting opportunities. Additionally, we offer Handshake, our online database, where you can find jobs, internships, and information about on-campus events. We work with individuals via classroom presentations, through workshops, and in individual appointments. You are able to meet one-on-one with our Career Development Facilitator (CDF) for quick walk-in meetings or for hour-long appointments.


  1. So, what is a Career Development Facilitator (CDF)?

Career Development Facilitators are here to help you in all your stages of career development, including finding a major, figuring out what that major means within a career, making your resume and cover letter work for you. Our CDF are skilled at helping individuals become more aware of their personality, interests, and values and tying these to job categories. You can come to walk-ins to meet with them or set up an appointment with your CDF.



  1. Can you help me choose a major?

Yes we can. Our office along with our Academic Advisors will meet with undeclared students, as well as students who are considering changing their major, to help explore majors and careers. We also offer several assessments to help evaluate your work values, interests and personality type. Our CDF will discuss the assessments results and their implications for career-related decisions during career counseling sessions with students.


  1. Can you help me get a job?

While we are not a job placement service, we will assist you with many aspects of job search, from providing job posting to resume and cover letter writing, to networking basics, to mock interviews.


Accessing Our Services


Schedule Appointments

Schedule an appointment with Victoria S. Gonzales Business and Professional Skills Area Coordinator

to discuss your career development needs.

Phone: (575) 737-3770


Email: vsg@unm.edu




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Times vary each semester; see the Career Services website for an up-to-date schedule.


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